Final Acceptance Tests

Final Acceptance Tests (FAT)

Ensure the operational reliability of your PV power plant.

Ensure the operational reliability of your PV power plant.

What is a Final Acceptance Test (FAT)?

The Final Acceptance Test is an evaluation carried out during the commissioning phase by an independent third party to demonstrate completion of the plant, as well as correctness and high quality of work. The FAT involves a review of design, labelling of equipment and a visual inspection of the facility. The results of the FAT are then presented in a detailed report. If the FAT is conducted during plant operation, the monitoring system also verifies the functionality of the plant.

Why is the Final Acceptance Test important?

The Final Acceptance Test provides certainty and confidence to your PV project by verifying the fulfilment of technical and safety standards. Without an FAT, there may be a loss of long-term sustainable protection of revenue. Warranty compliance for future warranty claims against manufacturers may also be affected.

What do I need to prepare for a Final Acceptance Test?

Owners and operators need to provide project design documentation (as build documentation), installation license, information about key components (solar panels and inverters), calibration lists of the installed meteorological sensors, technical manuals and maintenance manuals.

TÜV SÜD helps you minimise risk by ensuring your PV installations are in line with specifications, standards and regulations.

Both commercial and private customers regard TÜV SÜD’s tests and inspections as a guarantee of safety and reliability. Our Final Acceptance Tests comply with IEC 62446.

Our Final Acceptance Test services include:

  • Final acceptance installation inspection

    TÜV SÜD experts inspect the plant to check for compliance with international standard IEC 62446. We check that test protocols are available for measurement, data treatment and necessary corrections according to standards.

  • Visual inspection of facilities

    Our experts perform a visual inspection of the generator field, including the support structure, modules, mounting and cabling.

  • LABELING and markings

    We verify that all required system and equipment labels, markings and placards are correct and in the proper locations. This includes ensuring that all equipment is properly listed, identified and labelled, suitable for the conditions of use, and installed according to the listed product instructions. All electrical equipment should be marked with the manufacturer’s identification and applicable specifications and ratings.

  • Electrical measurements

    While not a standard part of the FAT, we can provide independent electrical measurement, including calculating circuit voltages and currents to verify that the PV array and system operating parameters are within specifications.

  • Detailed reporting

    Our inspection reports list results, name, date of inspection and personnel.


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