Food Label Review

Food Label Review

Delivering real business benefits across key segments

Delivering real business benefits across key segments

What is food label review?

A food label is your way of communicating important product information directly with a customer. As well as helping with branding and advertising, it provides the customer with basic product information, nutritional information and safety information. A food label review gives food manufacturers and producers confidence that the food nutritional labels are listed according to the ingredients of the product. We assess and review according to food labelling requirements, including ingredients, allergen declarations, nutrition facts, country of origin and other mandatory requirements.

Why is food label review important?

Regulatory authorities have put in place food labelling regulations and requirements to protect consumers. If you fail to meet these standards or provide either misleading or false representations on any of your food labels, you may potentially leave your business reputation at risk. Conducting a thorough and accurate food label check and ensuring that your food packaging labels meet global and local regulatory standards is vitally important to your business.

Consumers rely on product labels to make informed food choices. With an incorrectly labelled product, it may cause significant health problems for a customer such as allergies. As a result, your food nutrition labelling must be highly accurate and subject to a regular food label check.

TÜV SÜD is a leading food label review company

TÜV SÜD is an independent certification body which is accredited to globally recognised standards. Our experienced experts can help you gain the trust of your customers by making sure that your food nutrition labels are compliant to standards and regulations while reducing risk for product recalls.

TÜV SÜD’s food label review services

Our food label review services include:

  • Assessment of your product and review of the regulatory requirements of your existing label (e.g., product name, ingredient list, formatting, etc.)
  • Support in building new labels according to the regulation of your target markets

To reduce your risk of non-compliance, our food label advisors can review your labels against criteria including:

  • Allergen compliance
  • Descriptive claims compliance – health, nutrients
  • Identity statement – compliance to a country standard
  • Ingredient labelling
  • Label layout
  • Net quantity of content statement
  • Nutrition analysis and nutrition facts panel
  • Place and name of business
  • Deposit laws
  • Alcohol levels
  • Language compliance
  • Type size compliance
  • Country of origin

We also conduct:

  • Food nutritional analyses 
  • Allergen testing 


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