ISO 31800


WHAT IS ISO 31800?


ISO 31800 is a standard that specifies requirements and test methods to ensure performance, safety, operability, and maintainability of community-scale resource recovery faecal sludge treatment units (FSTUs). It applies to treatment units that primarily treat faecal sludge, operate in non-sewered and off-grid environments, are prefabricated, exhibit resource recovery capability. It is capable of being energy neutral or energy net positive. A key requirement in the standard is the energy independence assessment, in which the FSTU must generate enough power to, at a minimum, fuel its steady-state operation using primarily faecal sludge.




As the project leader in the development of ISO 31800, our proficiency in understanding the testing requirements of FSTU and practical testing experience conducted in diverse environments, including India and Senegal, uniquely position us as the leading expert in the industry.


One of the key requirements is to demonstrate calculations for mass and energy balance which requires expertise in Waste-to-Energy (WTE) technologies. At TÜV SÜD, our first-hand experience in testing FSTUs to ISO 31800 provides a valuable framework for manufacturers, regulators, and users to safely manage faecal waste globally.

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