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Your regular update for technical and industry information

USA: California second priority product work plan 2018-2020

January 2018- Relevant for: Hardlines, Softlines, Toys and children's products

Pursuant to California Code of Regulations, title 22, section 69503.4, The Department of Toxic Substances Control (DTSC) issues three-year ‘Work Plan’ that identifies and describes the product categories to be evaluated for identification of product-chemical combinations designated as ‘Priority Products’1.

DTSC is currently working on 2018-2020 Work Plan2. The first work plan covered the period from 2015 through 20173 and includes consumer products like beauty, personal care, hygiene, clothing, cleaning products and furniture’s among other.

The comment period for public input on product categories to consider for the new work plan and product categories from the 2015-2017 work plan that DTSC should consider carrying over into the 2018-2020 work plan ended on 6 November 2017. Based on public inputs received, the department has published ‘13 Comments’4.


The California’s Safer Consumer Products regulations took effect in 2013 under authority of DTSC with goals to reduce toxic chemicals in consumer products and increase the use of safer alternatives in products used in homes, schools, and workplaces, providing significant environmental and economic benefits.

The administrative process under the regulation is to identify “chemicals of concern” in designated “priority products” to reduce toxic chemicals in consumer products. A Priority Product (PP) is a consumer product identified by California that contains one or more chemicals associated with health and/or environment toxicity. Once the Priority Products are adopted in regulations, manufacturers of Priority Products are required to notify DTSC and begin the analysis for safer alternatives (Alternatives Analysis process).

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