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Your regular update for technical and industry information

Your regular update for technical and industry information

EU: Candles - product safety labels EN 15494-07 updated to EU 15494-19


EN 15494 has been updated to 2019 version in Nov. This standard specifies safety information for burning indoor candles and includes requirements on how safety information will be displayed.

EN 15494:2019 includes the following significant changes in comparison to EN 15494:2007:
1. Clause 3 Terms and definitions have been inserted;
2. The purpose and layout of product safety labels have been elaborated with more detail;
3. Clause 4.2 the background colour of the general warning sign does not need to be yellow;
4. Clause 4.3 Some degree of modification is permitted when cultural differences or special application formats (e.g. candle shape/type) need to be considered, provided the original meaning is retained and comprehension of the safety information is maintained;
5. Clause 4.3 a minimum height of the supplementary safety symbols has been fixed at 5 mm;
6. Clause 4.4 a clear allocation of which supplementary safety information is mandatory or appropriate for which type of candle, based on a risk assessment, has been made, see below table;



7. Options for candles with a limited space for the label have been introduced;
Clause 4.4 If the space is limited, the optional supplementary safety information can be placed elsewhere, e.g. on the backside of a peel-off label or the inner sides of a fold-out label, together with the mandatory supplementary safety information repeated, there shall be clear indication where to find this additional safety information. The option to provide safety information with an instruction leaflet has been removed;
8. Some additional optional supplementary safety information added for specific candles (e.g. tea lights, votive candles, etc.);
9. The examples of product safety labels layout on candle fire safety have been improved and complemented.
Borderline have been removed, see example below in Annex B:


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