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Your regular update for technical and industry information

Your regular update for technical and industry information

EU: Candle specification for fire safe standard EN 15493-07 updated to EN 15493-19


EN 15493 has been updated to 2019 version in Oct. This standard applies to candles that intended to be burned indoors.

EN 15493:2019 includes the following significant technical changes in comparison to EN 15493:2007:

  1. Terms and definitions have been improved, the following terms are newly added:
    - Aftersmoke time (in Clause 3.1)
    - Floating candle (in Clause 3.8)
    - Indoor candle (in Clause 3.10)
    - Non-freestanding (in Clause 3.12)
    - Residual height (in Clause 3.14)
  2. A test method for self-extinguishing candles has been introduced in Clause 4.4, requirements see below in detail:
    - Freestanding candles marketed as self-extinguishing shall self-extinguish at the end of the burning time. The candles shall neither burn a paper placed underneath nor cause any scorch marks on it during the whole burning test
    - Non-freestanding candles marketed as self-extinguishing shall self-extinguish at a residual height of ≥12 mm in case of candles with a diameter of ≤ 14 mm and at a residual height of ≥ 18 mm in case of other candles
  3. The requirement for the aftersmoke time has changed as below:
    - The wick shall not continue to glow or smoke for an average time of more than 30 s after extinguishing (20s in 2007 version). The average aftersmoke time is now clarified to measure as the average of all single measurements of the aftersmoke time for each candle and each burning period.
  4. Test procedure of the burning test has been defined in more detail and the burn test cycles have been modified;
    - There are now some limitation and exception to follow the instructions for use;
    - The requirements for the bowl to be used in the test has been defined, the bowl shall be made from a heat resistant material and filled with water to a level less than 1 cm below the rim;
    - Standard white copy paper used for testing for self-extinguishing freestanding candles has been defined;
    - The distance between candles in the burn test has been specified;
    - Regarding burn test cycles, candle mass without the container is changed from 40g to 25g.
  5. An informative Annex A for the calculation of the hourly fuel consumption has been added;
  6. An informative Annex B for the analysis of container candle surface temperatures has been added.

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