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What you can expect - Our benefits

What you can expect - Our benefits

What you can expect: Benefits at TÜV SÜD

Working at TÜV SÜD offers a host of benefits. Some are more subjective – such as the many opportunities for lasting personal growth and development, or the wide range of roles providing meaning and purpose. Other benefits are clear to see.

We provide our employees with a stable and rewarding environment for performing their complex and challenging roles. You’ll find attractive salary packages and solid benefit options, for instance. Our work-life balance programme helps our employees keep their professional and private lives in harmony. And we’re always there to support you in fostering your personal development so you can reach your full potential.

Your benefits at a glance

  • Work alongside other brilliant minds who share their experience and knowledge with you, promoting your professional growth
  • A new project, client or even a new country: there is always opportunity to expand your knowledge and expertise
  • Grow in a performance-based environment that recognizes and rewards top performers
  • Secure a role with a reliable employer who’s the market leader in Germany and a strong brand recognized worldwidey
  • Make a positive contribution to change and progress as you help to ensure safety, quality, and environmental sustainability


Because we’re on course for success worldwide and well prepared for the future, we’re able to make our employees offers that are hard to beat.

Our legal units, for example, offer favourable salary packages based on collective agreements or individual employment contracts.

Learning and development programmes

Whatever career path you pursue at TÜV SÜD, we’ll provide individualized support – always with a personal touch.

We encourage all our employees to follow the career path best suited to them by giving them access to career development programmes based on verifiable and impartial criteria.

To help ensure this, we’ve created a talent development initiative called “LED House” (Leadership & Expert Development): LED provides continuous support and assistance to all employees while encouraging them to take full charge of their professional and personal development.

Employees opting for a career in Leadership receive training in management responsibilities and team guidance. Those on the Expert Development career path receive dedicated support for becoming top knowledge managers.

Our JUMP! Programme, for junior employees exhibiting great potential, includes a strong international focus. It qualifies participants for taking key positions at TÜV SÜD locations all over the world. To qualify, participants must first complete several modules of the programme over a 12-month period at various sites on different continents.

Our internal training units, e.g. TÜV SÜD Academy, are always there to ensure that our training services continue to maintain the highest quality at the right proportions.

Work-life balance

Our employees love to be challenged and work hard doing so. As a result, we think it’s all the more crucial that we assist employees in balancing their professional and private lives by offering a wide range of services.

Wherever possible, we ensure optimal harmony between work and family life by providing child-care services, flexitime, and similar benefits.

Health management

Keeping the performance level and employability of our employees is essential for our economic success and competitiveness. We have the responsibility, both at the organizational and individual level, to contribute to a health and a safety conscious environment in the organization.

According to the WHO's health definition, this means strengthening the physical, mental and social well-being. In addition to this avoiding accidents is our concern („Vision Zero“).

Therefore TÜV SÜD has an integrated and sustainable health and safety management. Beyond legal requirements, the prevention and health promotion is our special focus (e.g. medical screening, health counselling, medical and security assistance for business travellers).  

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