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Future in Your Hands

Future in Your Hands


The phrase ‘safe as houses’ means nothing without experts like you. A building and its surroundings are complex structures, the product of many trades. Architects, construction workers, plumbers, brokers, engineers, urban planners – they all bring their expertise together to ensure that constructions are safe for us, our friends, our family, our colleagues, and the rest of society. It is a highly interdisciplinary environment.

By joining TÜV SÜD in the area of Real Estate and Building Technology, you will become a part of that. From the drawing board to demolition, we look after buildings in every phase of their life cycle, checking and confirming safety measures and performing real estate surveys and evaluations.

Our employees provide professional support for investors, builders, planners, operators and manufacturers of plants, buildings and infrastructure facilities. We ensure safety, sustainability and energy efficiency on these projects, for example through BIM, project management services or the quality management of construction operations.

Inside the buildings, our experts test escalators, cooling and heating devices, and building fire safety both on-site and within our company-owned laboratories, making sure everything runs smoothly.

Join us with a degree in engineering, plus some background in the industry. We tend to promote employees with specialist knowledge and the necessary ability to think outside the box.

Learn more about us and the projects we work on, and get first-hand insights from our colleagues.

Find out what kind of people we want on board, the benefits of working at TÜV SÜD and the development opportunities we offer!

Your New Job

  • TÜV SÜD @ 15IBP: A Technological Hub in Singapore

    TÜV SÜD @ IBP will become an eight-storey integrated office and lab hub for 650 of our colleagues to work under one roof.

    True to our core philosophies, TÜV SÜD @ IBP uses digitalisation to ensure the highest safety and sustainability in every square metre. As a leading global expert for testing, inspection and certification, our new Singapore headquarters are a live example for the digitalisation of a building life cycle, from design, to construction, to operation.

    We wanted our new workplace to reduce cost factors such as energy consumption and to rework and empower project control and building management. To do that, we will create a digital twin as the basis for TÜV SÜD @ IBP and transform it into reality by using the reverse life cycle approach.

    This digital twin allows us to optimise building operation and maintenance before hammering even a single nail. This tool is exemplary of our one-stop service: we can provide advice, testing, inspection, certification and management service through all stages of the building life cycle.

  • Lift Manager: Ensuring Lift Safety and Reliability Through Digital Technologies

    TÜV SÜD's innovative Lift Manager solution is an independent, predictive maintenance service for optimised lift operations and management. It leverages our lift domain and digital expertise to support lift operation and maintenance using industry monitoring sensors and an IoT platform. Our Lift Manager system can be used on lifts of any age, brand or model, including those already in service.

    Drawing on our vast experience and expertise in lift operation, we carefully choose the perfect locations for our sensors on the lift car’s top without requiring any interface with the lift. The data that these sensors pick up during the lift operations are analysed in real time using our predictive model algorithms to predict and avert lift failures.

    The high-accuracy predictive lift model was built based upon 80 years of lift inspection and certification experience, with more than 300,000 inspections performed every year.

  • Collaboration: Smart Community Management in Urban Environment with Panasonic Appliances R&D Center

    MoU Signing with Panasonic


    With the launch of our Innovative Lift Manager Solution, we embarked on the opportunity to work with Panasonic Appliances R&D Center to develop a sustainable and digitalised approach to smart community management with the integration of the Lift manager solution into Panasonic’s Smart Community Solution Platform.

    By leveraging on TÜV SÜD’s lift domain and digital expertise as well as Panasonic’s expertise in Smart Community solutions, we will work closely to digitise the lift lifecycle as part of smart buildings to make urban environment, estates and home safer, more sustainable, and liveable, in support of Singapore’s Smart Nation Initiative and Singapore Green Plan 2030.

    Know more about TÜV SÜD Lift Manager here.


  • Collaboration: Virtual and Augmented Reality technology-enabled Testing and Inspection Services for Built Environment


    MoU Signing with VRCollab

    As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, the need to be able to work in a safe manner has led to the innovative approach using technology. Together with VR Collab, we are looking to deliver smart facility management capabilities and offer integrated digital delivery services in local and overseas markets.

    By bringing together TÜV SÜD’s Digital Building Lifecycle services & VRcollab’s Virtual and Augmented Reality solutions, we aim to provide our customers with an enhanced view of the different phases of the building lifecycle. In line with this, TÜV SÜD and VRcollab will work closely to develop new technology-enabled testing and inspection services for the built environment to address digital building lifecycle and sustainability requirements.



Our experts are our most valuable assets. They are the ones who turned the projects above into successes. BIM consultants, IT specialists, project engineers, and building inspectors alike do their part in bringing new buildings and technologies to life. They make sure we stay a part of progress and help shape the future.

We aim to shape the future by becoming one of the pioneers of the digital revolution through our comprehensive portfolio of safety, security and sustainability solutions. Academics, specialists, and practical-minded generalists alike will find many suitable areas of employment within TÜV SÜD.

Successful candidates usually join us with a degree in electrical, civil, mechanical or industrial engineering, architecture, real estate management or business with a focus on real estate. Depending on the role, an ardent and thorough knowledge in automation technology or building law may also be a plus. Several years of relevant work experience will also be expected.

We are passionate about technology, our careers, and contributing to a safer, more sustainable world – and our work ethic reflects that. We are looking for people who take a closer look, conducting their work thoroughly to come to informed decisions. We need people who love collaborating with our clients and colleagues, are always looking forward, and are firmly committed to our responsibilities for safety and sustainability.

For further information, please check the specific requirements within our job ads.

Personal and Professional Development

Your professional competence is crucial to our success. As an expert, you need to have a clear idea of how to tackle your challenging tasks and work in an environment you can build your career in. This is exactly what we offer you.

To ensure you stay at the top of your game, we offer a range of professional and personal development programmes, as well as courses that keep engineers at the pinnacle of their technical expertise.

As a TÜV SÜD employee, you will have the chance to hone your skills and refine your talents, whether you want to simply ensure you’re still up-to-date, broaden your knowledge or take that next step into leadership.

We have a future-oriented approach, which includes training for the current job and for trends you might see in the future, such as digitisation. Find more detailed information about these opportunities in our “Learning and Development” section.


Working at TÜV SÜD offers a host of benefits. We provide you with a stable and rewarding environment for performing complex and challenging roles. In addition, we offer many opportunities for lasting personal growth and development.

You will also find attractive salary packages, sound benefit options and a harmonious work-life balance. Click here to discover more details.

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