Failure Analysis

Failure Analysis Lab

Overview of the scope & capabilities of our labs

Overview of the scope & capabilities of our labs


TÜV SÜD’s Failure Analysis (FA) laboratory has a regional reputation for precise and thorough investigation of a wide spectrum of products, devices, components used by consumers, multinational firms and governmental bodies.

Our laboratories possess state-of-the-art equipment and offer thorough analyses.


  • Power generation and supply: gas & steam turbine components, boilers, generator rotor shafts, boiler/waste heat boiler components, eco-components, electricity distribution station equipment, transformers, submarine power cables, switch gears, contactors, etc.
  • Renewable energy: assembly group & components such as solar assembly, wind turbine main bearing & gearbox bearing, etc.
  • Oil & gas: drilling equipment, offshore rigs, oil tankers, etc.
  • Petrochemical: high-T & high-P devices, tanks, pipes, heat exchangers, etc.
  • Real estate and infrastructure: crane booms, lifts, cable car systems, piling machines, tempered glass panels, gas/water pipes, etc.
  • Rail: rails, conduction rail system, OCS system, power cables, message cables, train structure, etc.
  • Aerospace: various aircraft engines, landing gear, engine starters, exhaust nozzles, engine mounts, helicopters, etc.
  • Marine: various submarines/ships, hovercraft engines, propellers, gearboxes, port structures and equipment, ship-lifting systems, offshore structures, etc.
  • Medical: stainless steel guide wire for heart operation, laryngeal mask, surgical implant, etc.
  • Electronics 
  • Construction Materials
  • Appliances / Electrical devices


Failure analysis is a comprehensive investigation to determine failure mechanisms and root causes in the event of a breakdown. The root cause analysis procedure involves collecting and analysing data, developing appropriate corrective and/or preventive action, presenting the data clearly and generating a practical recommendation.

  • Failure analysis
  • Materials-related evaluation
  • Troubleshooting
  • Evaluation (Metallurgical and Mechanical Technological)
  • Training
  • Investigated components and structures
  • Expert technical service
  • Legal litigation & insurance claim support
  • Expert witness

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TÜV SÜD PSB is also accredited under the Singapore Accreditation Council Singapore Laboratory Accreditation (SAC-Singlas) Scheme to ISO/IEC Guide 25 (ISO/IEC 17025) and ISO Guide 65 (ISO/IEC 17065). 

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