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Overview of the scope & capabilities of our labs

Overview of the scope & capabilities of our labs

The Digital Service Innovation Lab showcases strategic innovations in the domains of Artificial Intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT) and Robotics. The lab provides the space and infrastructure to develop and incubate novel digital services, which include data-driven, continuous and highly-automated Testing, Inspection and Certification (TIC) offerings.

An extension to the Innovation Lab is the Digital Service Innovation Makerspace which provides the space and tools to fabricate, prototype and integrate systems comprising hardware and software. This is instrumental to achieve a key strategic direction of reinventing TÜV SÜD’s TIC core business, which is the development of data-driven, continuous and highly-automated TIC offerings.


  1. Digital service development
  2. Modelling and simulation
  3. Hardware prototype development
  4. Integration and testing
  5. Operational support

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Innovation Lab

  1. Adaptive safety and security risk management
    • Universal Robots UR10e Cobot
    • Franka Emika Cobot
  2. Model-based testing
    • Four floors working Miniature Elevator
  3. Smart façade inspection
    • Service drone
    • Integrated digital service platform for smart façade inspection
  4. Artificial Intelligence Quality Management Framework
  5. Sensor Network Verification
    • IoT network showcase
    • Sensor Network Verification Platform
  6. Smart Healthcare 

Innovation Makerspace

  1. High Performance Workstations for image processing and 3D reality modelling
  2. UAS customization and maintenance
  3. Various AI GPU stations
  4. Hot tools for electronics and hardware prototyping

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