Hydrogen Training

Enabling the safe and proper handling of hydrogen

Enabling the safe and proper handling of hydrogen


Sustainability and climate change needs to be acted upon fast. It is clear that the pressure for businesses around the world to deliver sustainable energy services is increasing, with a target set for the UK to be net zero by 2050. Achieving this means that we must change the way that energy is generated, stored, transported and consumed.

Hydrogen can be used in many different industry sectors and is an important energy vector which will help to reduce carbon emissions in mobility applications, industrial production processes and residential applications for heating and power supply. This flexibility makes hydrogen the ideal fuel for climate-neutral technologies.

Our hydrogen training courses are built on in-depth knowledge of the opportunities and hazards related to hydrogen, especially in terms of mobility and industrial hydrogen usage. This experience means we understand the challenges that companies who use hydrogen face, and can support you to ensure any applications are safe and comply with relevant regulations.

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Our training programmes are available to customers worldwide, in the format of a public instructor-led course, virtual instructor-led course, or a fully digital E-Learning format. As well as public training courses, all our training solutions can be provided as a customised in-house solution. For a complete overview of all our training courses, download our interactive course catalogue in a PDF format, which includes direct links to the courses and registration information.

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