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Regulations and compliance requirements can pose challenges to companies who are looking to export their new products in Canada. These local compliance requirements and product regulations are put in place to provide assurance that the products and services are safe, of good quality and fit for consumers’ needs.

Most products entering the Canadian market must meet specific requirements depending on the scope of the product. Testing and certification must also be conducted by a testing and certification body accredited by Standards Council of Canada where applicable.

Ensure that your products successfully meet Canadian standards by working with a market leader, TÜV SÜD. TÜV SÜD fully understands the local requirements and procedures applicable in Canada. You can rely on our expertise and knowledge to help you access Canadian markets efficiently while at the same time, be assured of our objectivity, integrity and professionalism.


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  • Plug Types

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  • Electrical Safety

    Regulatory agency

    • Standards Council of Canada (SCC) 


    • Certification must be obtained from an SCC accredited CB.
    • Safety testing is mandatory and factory inspections are required, where applicable.
    • Compliance with CSA, UL and/or IEC standards.


    • Although certification is not mandatory, it is highly recommended for marketing purposes and offers state-level authorities a sound basis for product evaluation.
    • Certified products are marked by the manufacturer with the mark of the SCC accredited CB

    Applicable product categories

    • To determine if a particular product is subject to the above regulations, please contact us.

    Our services at a glance

    • As a SCC accredited CB, TÜV SÜD can provide electrical safety certification, with the TÜV SÜD NRTL mark, for a range of products including electrical drives, laboratory equipment, industrial control systems, lasers, IT equipment and power supplies.
  • EMC

    Regulatory agency

    • Innovation, Science, and Economic Development Canada (ISED)


    • Manufacturers’ declaration is required for certain products according to ICES standards.


    • A local representative is required.


    • Test the equipment to verify compliance at an accredited test laboratory.
    • Keep a compliance folder on file.
    • Affix the equipment with the ISED Company Number and ISED Registration Number as stated in the requirements.
    • Register the equipment with the Bureau through E-filing and add the equipment to ISED’s Terminal Equipment List.


    • Manufacturers must use an ISED recognised CB.
    • Certified equipment should be labelled in accordance with ISED labelling requirements.

    Applicable product categories

    • A full list of applicable telecom equipment may be found here.
    • A full list of applicable radio equipment may be found here.

    To determine if a particular product is subject to the above regulations, please contact us. 

    • Environmental

      Regulatory agency

      • National Resources Canada (NRCan)



      • The Energy Efficiency Regulations are required for many products.
      • Mandatory EnerGuide Program labelling is required for certain products.
      • A lighting product label should be considered for certain product.


      • Manufacturer’s declaration to WEEE programs per province.


      • Canada’s EnerGuide labelling requirements are coordinated with the US Energy Guide labelling program.

      Applicable product categories

      Product categories that require mandatory EnerGuide* labelling include: 

      • Clothes dryers
      • Refrigerators and combination refrigerator-freezers
      • Electric ranges          
      • Room air conditioners
      • Freezers
      • Clothes washers
      • Integrated over/under washer-dryers
      • Dishwashers

      Product categories that required a lighting product label include:

      • General service incandescent reflector lamps: PAR, R, ER, BR and BPAR lamps
      • Compact fluorescent lamps
      • General service lamps (common light bulbs) and modified spectrum incandescent lamps

      A full list of Energy Efficiency Regulation product categories may be found here. To determine if a particular product is subject to the above regulations, please contact us.

      The EnerGuide label is voluntary for:

      • Central air conditioners
      • Furnaces (oil, gas or propane-fired)
      • Heat pumps - air source
      • Gas fireplaces
      • Water heaters

    Why choose TÜV SÜD?

    TÜV SÜD has the expertise and laboratory infrastructure to support manufacturers in obtaining the necessary approvals and compliance in accordance to the Canadian standards and requirements. TÜV SÜD test reports are widely accepted and recognised by authorities internationally. TÜV SÜD also supports manufacturers in obtaining voluntary endorsement labels.


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