Our natural resources are limited – hydrogen is a chance to grow without depleting our planet

Preserving natural capital, achieving sustainability, and implementing circular economy models in all industry sectors will be one of the defining challenges of our time. Hydrogen will play a central role in a carbon emission-free future. Especially energy-intense sectors like transportation and industry depend on low carbon and green hydrogen to reduce their impact on the climate.

For companies, hydrogen can be an enormous opportunity to increase business resilience and decrease the dependence on fossil fuels. However, the large-scale production of low carbon and green hydrogen (through electrolysis, pyrolysis, or steam reforming with CCUS) is still in an early stage. Creating the infrastructure and equipment for hydrogen requires additional investments. 

Reiner Block


“Companies that commit to hydrogen invest in the future and will be successful. At the same time, companies will need strong partners that can mitigate risk and ensure the safe and cost-efficient implementation of this low-emission energy solution. TÜV SÜD with its unique hydrogen ecosystem can provide guidance from strategy to operation.” – Reiner Block, CEO TÜV SÜD Industry Service Division




Our ecosystem helps you to navigate the complex challenges of the hydrogen market

 The transformation from fossil to hydrogen energy can be challenging, and companies need to understand the whole value chain. Hydrogen has been around for decades but has usually been used for industrial purposes without focusing on decarbonisation. The demand for it as a low-carbon energy carrier has significantly increased in the last years. However, regulations, codes, and standards (RCS) are not yet evaluated in a way that enables companies to implement hydrogen projects and qualify equipment easily; this is especially true for large-scale systems. Some countries have started projects to move RCS forward, like Germany with the  German H2 RCS Roadmap 2025.

At TÜV SÜD, we anticipated the importance of green hydrogen as an enabler of a carbon-free future. Therefore, we created an ecosystem that enables businesses to implement competitive hydrogen projects with a trusted partner. 



Together with our subsidiaries Ludwig Bölkow Systemtechnik (LBST) and evety, we can offer services that go far beyond testing and inspection.

At TÜV SÜD, we have more than 150 years of experience in testing and inspecting high-tech equipment. We also have decades of experience with hydrogen technologies across various industries. With our large base of hydrogen engineers, we can offer our services in nearly all hydrogen applications along the whole value chain.

LBST is a well-established consulting company and has delivered profound insights into hydrogen market developments, technology, and economics for almost 40 years.

Evety is a joint venture from TÜV SÜDOpen Grid Europe (OGE) and Horváth, providing support and guidance to customers in projects in the complex hydrogen market.


Our hydrogen ecosystem directly translates into value for you

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Mitigate risk and ensure safety for your employees and assets


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Achieve economic viability for your hydrogen strategy


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Minimize CO2-footprint and build business resilience



Companies that act now can form international partnerships along the hydrogen value chain

Different countries will play different roles in the future of hydrogen. A study by LBST has reviewed countries representing over 90% of global GDP and found that 20 countries representing 44% of global GDP already have passed a national hydrogen strategy or are on the verge of doing so. Some countries with access to beneficial wind and solar conditions will serve as production locations, while industrial countries will mainly import hydrogen. 


Trends in the industry offer emerging opportunities

This development is a chance for new partnerships and cross-border cooperation. In the EU alone, it is expected that a cumulative market of over 40 billion euros for green hydrogen production equipment will develop by 2030. Large industrial partnerships will be formed for the production, export/import, and storage and application of hydrogen. Blue and low-carbon hydrogen will be effective and pragmatic ways to ramp up volumes and start the hydrogen economy. Refineries and the chemical industry will be expected to become the first important large-scale hydrogen markets in the mid-term, with others like transportation to follow quickly.

With globally increasing CO2 prices that further reduce cost gaps, it is time to act now for industry players.

Uwe Albrecht



“Hydrogen will be a crucial element of any renewable energy system, bridging between large-scale renewable energy generation and demand and supporting decarbonization in the transport, industry” – Dr Uwe Albrecht, CEO LBST





Browse our hydrogen services and explore the entire value chain

TÜV SÜD is offering services along the whole value chain of hydrogen and accompanying the entire project life cycle. You can explore our service portfolio or learn more about the hydrogen value chain and related services below.

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Hydrogen is more than our future – at TÜV SÜD, it is our heritage and ongoing commitment

At TÜV SÜD, we commit to a sustainable future – but we are also proud of our past achievements. We have supported a wide variety of successful hydrogen projects over the last years that enabled us to create industry-leading know-how.


We shape the future of hydrogen as a member of leading councils, panels, and associations

We believe that green hydrogen is a crucial enabler of a sustainable future. Therefore, we commit to supporting organisations that are actively working on frameworks, research, standards, and the development of hydrogen solutions globally. For our customers, this means we can anticipate trends and opportunities and thus offer support that ensures success in the hydrogen market of tomorrow.

We are proud to support and work with organisations like:

  • Hydrogen Council
  • Hydrogen Europe
  • CertifHy
  • DWV
  • Dii & Mena Hydrogen Alliance
  • VdTÜV Task Force Wasserstoff
  • United Nations GTR 13 Phase II Task Force 3
  • DIN Normenausschuss Gastechnik / Wasserstofftechnologie (DIN NA 032-03-06 AA)
  • ISO TC 197 WG 30 / ISO 19887
  • & many more

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