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ISO 29990 and International Education Excellence

Education Quality Management

Education Quality Management

How can quality of education be ensured and compared?

ISO 29990 is a quality management system standard for providers of education and training services. ISO 29990 provides a unified model for a quality and professional mode of operation, as well as a common reference point for both LSPs and their clients for the conceptualisation, development and delivery of the specified programme.

International Education Excellence (IEE) is a standard which allows parents and students alike to compare the quality of schools globally. The IEE certification process takes into consideration all relevant areas of school quality, including the school’s management, quality of staff and teaching processes, among others. The certification encourages schools to evaluate and improve their internal management system by identifying any key deficiencies found as well as providing remedies for their resolution.

Why is certification of learning important?

There are a multitude of LSPs offering similar programmes. However, not all of the providers are competent and effective.

With the ISO 29990 certification, the transparency and comparability of the various programmes offered by the many providers are increased. ISO 29990 is not only useful for organisations looking for a reputable partner to work with, but it also imposes on LSPs to ensure their consistency in providing quality services and improving organisational effectiveness.

In addition to ensuring that education providers deliver value to their students, the IEE certification process helps schools identify problems early on to allow a speedy resolution and minimise potential reputational and financial risks. It can be used as an effective management tool to ensure excellence in all levels of your institution’s operations.

How can we help you?

Within TÜV SÜD, internationally accredited certification bodies offer services for various management systems. We have extensive experience in auditing and certifying a wide range of internationally recognised management systems, including ISO 29990.

TÜV SÜD’s IEE certification programme will help you systemise your operations to demonstrate your school’s commitment to excellence and provide educated decision-makers with the information needed to make the right call.

Why choose TÜV SÜD

TÜV SÜD’s group of international experts has extensive experience in auditing and certifying a wide range of internationally recognised management systems. Our experienced team of global experts are up to date with the various scopes and requirements to ensure that we have the reach, experience and knowledge to support your operations. In addition to the ISO 29990 certification, TÜV SÜD is also a one-stop provider for other certifications and management systems such as the ISO 9001 standard.

By partnering with TÜV SÜD, we will help you to identify opportunities and minimise potential risks while supporting your school’s commitment to the highest standards of excellence. Beyond certification, we also provide you with feedback on ways to improve your existing processes.



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