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Electronic Testing for Electric Vehicle

TÜV SÜD’s state-of-the-art testing facilities are equipped with the most advanced testing and environmental simulation equipment, as well as computerised measurement systems and video recording equipment. These capabilities, combined with our extensive technical experience, enable us to thoroughly assess the safety of your electronic components under a wide range of conditions.

Our electronic testing solutions ensure that all the vehicle’s electronic components hold up against rigorous testing and comply with relevant regulations and EMC test standards, including but not limited to ECE Regulation 10, FCC/USA, RED Europe and e-Mark for wallbox EV charger, DC converter, AC converter, connector and wiring harness.



TÜV SÜD supports manufacturers to ensure that the electronic systems used in electric vehicles receive unequaled market acceptance and demonstrate full compliance with regulatory requirements. We offer extensive testing for these components including but not limited to DC converter, AC converter, connector, wiring harness, electric motor, sensor, lamp & lighting, alternator, ignition coil, electric relay, electric switch, electric water pump, electric power steering motor, cooling fan motor, ECU and wallbox EV charger.

  • EMC and Electrical Tests
    • Radiated RF Emissions Testing
    • Conducted RF Emissions Testing
    • Harmonics Emission and Voltage Fluctuation Testing
    • Automotive Conducted Transient Emissions Testing
    • Magnetic Field Emissions Testing
    • Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) Testing
    • Radiated RF Immunity Testing
    • Electrical Fast Transient / Burst Immunity Testing
    • Voltage Surge Immunity Testing
    • Conducted RF Immunity Testing
    • Magnetic Field Immunity Testing
    • Mains Voltage Variations/ Interruptions Immunity Testing
    • Bulk Current Injection (BCI) Testing
    • Automotive Conducted Transient Immunity Testing
    • Electrical Testing
    • Insulation Test
    • Dielectric Strength
  • Environmental Tests
    • Mechanical Testing (vibration, impact, shock, combined temperature cycling/vibration test)
    • Climatic Testing (temperature and humidity, thermal shock, fatigue and endurance and corrosion testing)
    • Weathering Testing (solar/UV ageing, IP grade, Ingress protection)
    • Environmental Stress Screening
    • Package Testing (airplane, rail and truck shipment simulation)
  • Performance and Endurance Tests
    • Durability tests
    • Function tests
    • Handling tests
    • Safety tests
    • Instruction manual verification
    • Sensoric quality aspects
    • Customer specific tests
  • Wireless Tests
    • Validation and Certification Testing e.g. ECE Regulation 10, E-Mark
    • Regulatory Testing e.g. FCC/USA, RED Europe



  • 10+ years of global experience and network of labs
    Benefit from our global expertise, local experience and reach through our network of labs for automotive, battery, EMC & wireless and environment testing across North America, Germany and Asia.
  • Battery Testing
    With a network of 9 battery testing labs spread across North America, Germany and Asia, including Thailand, we assist you to meet EV battery testing requirements by fulfilling legal, industry and manufacturer requirements, offered at all levels - electrical, chemical, corrosive, mechanical and abusive domains. More details mentioned below.
  • 360° approach
    Assure safety, marketability and compliance throughout the entire value chain, right from electric vehicle components and systems to batteries and charging infrastructure. 
  • Global Market Access
    Partner with us to meet your local and global testing & certification requirements applicable in target markets, facilitated by globally accredited laboratories (DIN EN ISO / IEC 17025). Also gain confidence with us, as we support your requirements for approval tests under ECE-R100.02 and other international standards of all vehicle categories, systems and components.
  • Some key milestones with stakeholders
  • Our strategic partnership with Contemporary Amperex Technology Co. Limited (CATL) has further enhanced our expertise in battery testing & certification, functional safety and other areas to provide services that will mitigate potential risks and help achieve steady & safe development of the global new energy industry.
  • Our commitment to sustainability has been further cemented through a pilot project at Microvast GmbH, where we have developed a climate-friendly and sustainable approach, covering the entire product cycle of battery production. Using SDGs as a benchmark, our teams have identified specific indicators and opportunities for improvement of sustainability through regular tracking and monitoring.
  • Our partnership with Italvolt at a planned Gigafactory in Italy has helped facilitate technical advisory services such as design review, risk assessment or fire protection services, along with testing solutions, including battery testing, EMC or functional safety, inspection services and certification services like TISAX, IATF 16949 and others.

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