sustainable battery production

Sustainable Battery Production​

Expert live stream

Expert live stream


The European market for electric vehicles but also for stationary battery storage is growing fast. To meet the growing demand that arises through this development, also the market for Li-Ion battery production in Europe increases rapidly. Since the Li-Ion technology is based on a critical supply chain in regard to social responsibility and ecological impacts, the markets' (stakeholders') goal is to reduce and improve its footprint. TÜV SÜD´s “Sustainability Assessment” gives all stakeholders of the supply chain a clear structure and provides solutions to target, improve and monitor concrete measures to establish a sustainable value chain from cradle to cradle. 

About the speaker

Mr. Lucas Wagner 

Business Development Manager for storage technologies in Centre of Competence New Energy and Storage

Graduated with B.Sc. in Environmental Management and M.Eng. in Renewable Energy, Lucas started as an expert for safety in the biogas industry for three years. After which, he joined TÜV SÜD as a project manager in the field of Renewable Energy and quickly became a part of the Centre of Competence for New Energy and Storage.

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