Powering Through- An Integrated Approach to the Performance Optimisation for Ageing Power Plants

Powering Through - Performance optimisation of ageing plants



How can ageing power plants cope with rising energy demand?

Ageing infrastructure and poor construction are problems that affect many power plants worldwide. As a result, power plant owners and managers often grapple with inefficient output, unscheduled downtime, and high maintenance costs. Meanwhile, global reliance on fossil fuels is expected to boom over the next 15 years. How can fossil fuel power plants overcome the challenges to efficiency in order to meet the world’s growing energy needs?

Our in-house expert, Dr. Stefan Buse, has shared his insights on how power plant owners and managers can ensure the integrity and profitability of their operations in the face of heightened global demand through a webinar.

key topics covered:

  • The dangers and risks of ageing plant infrastructure

  • Key components that affect a power plant's performance

  • How to identify risk factors and reduce potential damage to an ageing power plant

  • How an integrated retrofitting, renovation, and modernisation programme helps power plants increase energy efficiency


About the speaker

Dr. Stefan Buse

Dr. Stefan Buse
Head of Power Systems and Performance Tests

Stefan Buse is a Senior Expert and Head of the Department "Power Systems and Performance Tests" in TÜV SÜD, with more than 22 years of working experience in the power plant business. He holds a Master's degree and a PhD in mechanical engineering with specialism in energy and power plant engineering. His experience includes all facets of project management, especially with regard to gas and steam turbine power plants, as well as energy efficiency investment projects. He has gained power plant design and simulation experience, combined with energy economic evaluation and optimisation considerations, whilst working on power plant projects both in Europe and the rest of the world. Since he joined TÜV SÜD in 2012, he has been providing consulting services for power plant businesses globally and is a trainer for turbine courses at TÜV SÜD Academy.

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