How can we win consumers’ trust while catering to their needs?

How can we win consumers’ trust while catering to their needs?

Instilling confidence across global supply chains

In our increasingly commoditised, connected world, consumers are choosing to trust brands which fulfil global quality and safety standards while meeting their individualised demands. Achieving glocalisation, striking a balance between “Globalisation” and “Localisation”, is the challenge for business today. TÜV SÜD partner businesses to maximise their market potential with local relevance and global scale wherever their ambitions take them.

Glocalisation enables businesses to leverage economies of scale but ensure that their product or service is tailored to the needs of local markets. It can be challenging to navigate differing standard requirements across countries and stay up to date with changing regulations. The following case studies show how companies have successfully ensured safety and quality by using standards as a tool to fulfil complex market requirements.

  • Globalising quality management approach

    Glocalisation Wurth

    We provided integrated auditing and certification of management systems to about 400 companies within Würth Group across 80 countries, with the aim to improve their management systems and quality, and strengthen their company brand identity while increasing economic efficiencies. Read more about the case study here.

  • Implementing nationwide periodical vehicle inspections

    Glocalisation Turkey PTI

    With our German expertise, we are the only company in Turkey to have successfully implemented a modern system for vehicle inspection nationwide. We created a network of 189 test centres and 81 mobile test stations in just 18 months. Through this, congestion and air pollution were reduced while road safety was improved through significant reduction of traffic accidents. Learn more about TÜVTÜRK here.

  • Navigating EU approvals for high tech products

    Glocalisation Kawaski

    We partnered with Kawasaki Heavy Industries in its efforts to achieve compliance with European Union regulations related to components used in hydrogen-powered motor vehicles. Since 2014, this partnership has enabled Kawasaki to successfully certify its components and positioned the company to gain critical market share with major OEMs in the automotive industry. Learn more here

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