Protect Processing Sectors With Robust Cybersecurity

Protect Processing Sectors With Robust Cybersecurity

The Challenge: Balancing the Cyber Risks and Rewards of an Increasingly Digital Processing Industry


Like most industries, processing—covering chemical, oil, and gas—has become increasingly dependent on computer systems and other digital technologies. Almost all activities now count on the reliability and security of information technology (IT) systems.

Although technology offers unprecedented opportunities to scale, innovate, and optimise, it also renders the entire industry more vulnerable to cyberattacks, and amplifies the damage caused by such breaches. Moreover, attackers’ campaigns are becoming more sophisticated and strategic.


In particular, Operations Technology (OT), or computer systems that control valves, motors, pumps, power grids, and industrial plants, is under heightened threat. These systems have become major targets of cyberattacks. Any kind of disruption to these critical components can sever access to essential products and services. 


This is why IT and OT Security needs to be one of the processing industry’s top priorities. These systems require enterprise-wide risk management and top-notch cybersecurity governance.


We Understand Your Needs

1. Fulfilling minimum cybersecurity requirements

While there is no universal regulation for industrial cyber security followed globally, a number of jurisdictions implement their own regulations. But these regulations are constantly changing along with the world’s rapidly developing innovations. From risk assessment analysis to detection, and cyber security management systems and attack prevention, it could be difficult to keep step without employed cybersecurity experts or security awareness and knowledge. 

TÜV SÜD refines cybersecurity requirements for the processing industry. We can help you meet these needs so you can stay abreast with ever-changing trends.

2. Protecting hyperconnected components

From the plant-wide system and corporate network, including individual pumps, valves, and motors, all of these are becoming highly dependent on computer systems commonly known as the supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) network. This dependence can be a major point of cyberattack that can cripple the whole operation of critical infrastructures (KRITIS (§8A BSIG) and NERC CIP). It is thus essential to enable emergency planning and protect your smart industry readiness index. TÜV SÜD can help you achieve your strategic goals and improve your SCADA security.

3. Gaining a competitive edge through cybersecurity

With its increasing importance, industrial cybersecurity is not only a requirement–it is a competitive advantage. Organisations looking to improve brand reputation and trustworthiness can do so using TÜV SÜD’s reliable IT infrastructure and secure IT systems. Consistent data and operations security will encourage customers to continue using services as the overall brand image improves. Enhanced security awareness also impacts profit margins as it averts costly regulatory requirements and penalties.


Why choose TÜV SÜD for your processing industry?

Globally recognised as a brand of trust, TÜV SÜD has proven itself through numerous accreditations and credible industry expertise. Our dependability for a wide variety of independent and unbiased engineering expertise helps you improve your security awareness and proficiency.


We can bring your operations up to par with standards such as NERC CIP and ISO 27001,  and the industry’s best practices. We likewise understand how rapid the industrial cybersecurity landscape changes, and we can aid in foreseeing and adapting to new risks. Our services can be customised to local and global standards depending on your needs.


When you choose TÜV SÜD as your partner in SCADA security, you gain access to international standardisation committees in the processing industry.


With our wide network of industry experts and institutions, you can trust us as your partner for strategic cybersecurity planning. Our relationships with longtime clients can prove our capability to assist in industrial cybersecurity needs. Whatever you require, we can fulfill them to help you gain competitive ground in the processing industry.


TÜV SÜD facilitates a safe and secure digital transformation for your processing operations to minimise risks and maximise efficiency. 

Cybersecurity Challenges for your processing operations

Processing iconCultivating cybersecurity culture and awareness

While technology is rapidly evolving, some companies are unable to immediately adapt, leading to a lack of new systems cognition like cybersecurity. In order to future-proof your organisation, it’s essential to integrate cybersecurity into the culture and operations.


Processing icon

Developing cybersecurity talents

If you’ve cultivated security awareness in your facility, you need to make sure this is adequately maintained and transmitted through training and programs. The next step is to get experts to operate your industrial cybersecurity. Train or hire cybersecurity professionals to protect your operations from any threats.


Processing icons

Readying an emergency response plan

While the SCADA network makes operations more manageable and accessible, it also opens your KRITIS facilities to cyber threats. In such cases, building an incident response plan must be in place. It is crucial to maintain and test this through tabletop exercises to meet ISO 27001 standards.



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Reinforcing your OT security

As KRITIS facilities handle essential goods, your organisation becomes an attractive target for cyberattacks that threaten to cripple operations. Companies must protect the facilities’ operational technology and provide ample OT security to prevent severe disruptions to society.


Processing icon Utilising reliable and secure IT infrastructures and systems

Cyberattacks can abruptly upend organisations and long-standing institutions. To keep your operations running without disruption, you must equip your facilities with reliable IT infrastructure and secure IT systems that are able to support robust industrial cybersecurity.


Processing icons Strengthening your position as enabler and mitigating risks

In operations dealing with essential goods, the wide customer base opens up to potential risks due to various touchpoints. Proving an organisation’s capability as an enabler along the value chain, along with the capacity to mitigate risks, strengthens company-customer relationships.



Processing icons Proving your reliability in OT security

Responsible for essential goods, KRITIS and/or NERC facilities need to be fully operational to fulfil society’s economic and social needs. Ensuring there are little to no interruptions in your operations prove your reliability that clients demand.







  • Knowledge Services

    TÜV SÜD can assist you in an advisory role to handle industrial cybersecurity with our SecureSafety product. It brings together the required OT security and our trusted safety services to allow you to operate confidently.

  • Assessment/Testing

    TÜV SÜD can evaluate your processes and conduct rigorous testing to mitigate risks and reduce cyber breaches. Our assessment and testing services include but are not limited to:

  • Certification

    To ensure you are complying with mandatory regulations, TÜV SÜD and our trusted and proven services can provide you with the essential certifications, including but not limited to:

    • Consumer IoT-System Certification (VdTÜV mark)
    • IEC 62443 certification
  • Managed Services

    TÜV SÜD’s managed services allow you to communicate and collaborate with clients in a smart, secure way without needing to jump to another platform. You can choose among the following services:

  • Training

    We at TÜV SÜD can share our wide range of industry expertise with you and your team through programmes that fulfil your needs. You can improve industrial cybersecurity culture and awareness when you attend any of the following:

    • Information Security Auditor (ISO 27001)
    • Information Security Officer (ISO 27001)
    • Information Security Foundation (ISO 27001)
    • Information Security: Security Awareness
    • Industrial Security Foundation
    • Automotive Security Foundation
    • Functional safety and security Training
    • Industrial Security Trainings


IEC 62443 Industrial Security
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