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Future in Your Hands


Join us at TÜV SÜD Sales, Customer Services and Training to work in positions with a high degree of responsibility. People in this division oversee the maintenance of customer networks and the further development of our sales strategy and its implementation. They analyse training needs, develop courses and set up certification programmes. Further tasks might include reviewing contracts and related risks, developing new services for customers and much more.

As with any company, we need sales professionals who will publicise and market our products and services, look for opportunities to scale up our business, and think outside the box to create real value for our customers. Our business, in essence, is our clients, so our direct contact with them must always be exemplary.

Our colleagues in our variety of customer service departments are the backbone of our organisation. They ensure the smooth running and organisational handling of our services in the local markets.

Possible backgrounds are a degree in business studies, law, psychology, marketing or a similar field of study with relevant business experience. If this sounds like you, get in touch!

Learn more about us and the projects we work on, and get first-hand insights from our colleagues.

Find out what kind of people we want on board, the benefits of working at TÜV SÜD and the development opportunities we offer!

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  • Relaunch of Our Academy Online Shop

    After many years of dutiful service, our TÜV SÜD Academy online shop eventually no longer met the technical standards needed to fulfil modern customer requirements. In order to remain competitive and continue to drive forward digital change within TÜV SÜD, the next step was clear: we needed to relaunch.

    Our relaunch project included creating a new e-commerce concept, taking into account all TÜV SÜD Academy’s specific requirements and needs. We had to keep in mind the possibilities of standardisation and reusability for future TÜV SÜD online shops.

    We developed a new concept and design based on the latest user experience trends and customer needs. We also created a new information architecture that allows the customer to find products and information quickly and intuitively. In order to remain competitive in the search engines, we focused on the aspect of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and aligned the implementation with the Mobile First approach.

    We implemented this concept on the well-known e-commerce platform of Intershop and it has been available at since 30th July 2020.

  • Relaunch of a Specialist Portal for Data Protection

    At the end of 2013, we introduced a specialist information service to supplement our data protection seminars. We released four print issues of it per year – which could also be accessed online – with information about work as a data protection officer.

    In July 2017, we began fundamentally revising the specialist information service with the project Relaunch of the Data Protection Portal. In cooperation with all departments involved, we created an online portal where all information regarding data protection is made available on a daily basis. The portal provides data protection specialists with extensive specialist knowledge, working aids for downloading, current cases, judgements, and training for employees. In addition, all laws and regulations are available to see.

    Our portal offers various subscription models, including annual subscriptions with which all information can be accessed and downloaded. It also offers free access without the possibility of downloading files.

    Since mid 2018, there have been over 1,300 registrations (of all kinds, including test accesses) on the portal, and in cooperation with our colleagues in Singapore and India, it has been rolled out internationally.

  • The TÜV SÜD Digital Academy

    group of people

    The Digital Academy is an online training platform for TÜV SÜD customers worldwide. It was founded in 2018, initially rolling out in India and Singapore before also launching in other countries.

    The Digital Academy offers the opportunity to conduct training courses online. For ideal functionality, an internationally applicable learning management system (LMS) was implemented, and the Digital Academy Approval Board (DAAB) was installed as a neutral and virtual body for approving the digital learning objects developed for TÜV SÜD.

    TÜV SÜD experts from various specialist areas are responsible for the content of the training courses, which are made available via a standardised LMS, giving our clients access to a global pool of technical know-how. The TÜV SÜD Academy in Germany provides strategic and technical support to the academies in other countries.

    Since the launch, we have rolled out more than 40 internationally approved e-learning modules. Currently, there are over 30 further modules under development and more than 15 further modules in the planning stage.

  • Five-Year Contract for Inspection Services for OMV Downstream GmbH

    OMV is one of the largest energy companies in Austria and a long-standing partner of TÜV SÜD. In early 2020, we won a tender for a 6-million-euro framework contract over five years for inspection services from the Austrian energy provider.

    We convinced the client that with a multidisciplinary team of TÜV SÜD experts from all business areas within our Industry Service Division IS, and the possibility of bringing in a qualified external company via a cooperation agreement, we would be able to cover the entire tender.

    The framework contract has us inspecting incoming goods and carrying out advanced NDT services, workshop inspections for pressure vessels, services of the inspectors for the turnarounds, and inspection services based on individual orders for the refineries at Burghausen and Schwechat.

    By October of 2020, we had already started inspecting incoming goods and doing advanced NDT services. Step-by-step, we will expand these services.



Our employees are our most valuable assets, working across many fields, making certain that we stay a part of progress and help shape the future. We’re looking for forward-thinking people to join us.

The decisions we make and results we get in Sales, Customer Service and Training Management contribute to the success of our business today and tomorrow, in many different areas. This requires experts who are confident in their field, knowledge and actions. They should be aware of new trends and developments and be able to think outside of well-established paths to create real value. They should also remain curious, always open to growing and expanding their skills to keep up with our fast-developing world.

Academics, specialists, and practical-minded generalists alike will find many suitable areas of employment in our organisation. Get in touch for a career in Sales, Customer Services and Training Management if you have a degree in business studies, law, psychology, marketing or a similar field of study. Depending on the role, several years of relevant business experience may be required.

For further information, please check the specific requirements within our job ads.

Personal and Professional Development

Your professional competence is crucial to our success. As an expert, you need to have a clear idea of how to tackle your challenging tasks and work in an environment you can build your career in. This is exactly what we offer you.

To ensure you stay at the top of your game, we offer countless professional and personal development programmes.

As a TÜV SÜD employee, you will have the chance to hone your skills and refine your talents, whether you want to simply ensure you’re still up-to-date, broaden your knowledge or take that next step into leadership.

We have a future-oriented approach, which includes training for the current job and for trends you might see in the future, such as digitisation. Find more detailed information about these opportunities in our “Learning and Development” section.


Working at TÜV SÜD offers a host of benefits. We provide you with a stable and rewarding environment for performing complex and challenging roles. In addition, we offer many opportunities for lasting personal growth and development.

You will also find attractive salary packages, sound benefit options and a harmonious work-life balance. Click here to discover more details.

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