Every business in the world is expected to ensure its three pillars are intact – speed, quality, and efficiency. This literally translates to delivering services on time, ensuring the requisite quality standards are met, and maintaining efficiency through every stage. In today’s day and age, this is achieved by being nimble in problem-solving, identifying opportunities, and taking any challenges head-on. To do this effectively, organisations need to work with Lean Six Sigma certified professionals.

What is Lean Six Sigma?

Lean Six Sigma training and certification helps companies, businesses and organisations reach their true potential by helping them achieve their strategic goals and missions. The training builds continual improvement methodologies in the organisation’s culture, redefining their mindsets and by providing the right infrastructure to serve their customers efficiently. Lean Six Sigma has different levels depending on the level of expertise a professional wants to attain. First level to start with is Lean Six Sigma Green Belt certification One of the most common certifications that organisations go for is the Lean certification. Regardless of the size, the industry, the sector, or the country of origin, every individual and organisation can benefit from the Lean Six Sigma green belt training. Moreover, this benefit is then trickled down to consumers too.

But one of the most pressing questions that companies around the world ask is – what is Six Sigma green belt and why should they undertake the Lean Six Sigma green belt certification?


Increases profitability

The Lean Six Sigma green belt certification is one of the first steps any organisation takes towards increasing profitability. By having an individual who has undergone the Lean Six Sigma Green Belt training, an organisation can take the necessary steps towards streamlining the processes, reducing the workload, and ensuring the goods and services that are provided are of the highest quality. Additionally, among other six sigma green belt benefits, one of the most obvious is that the process can help produce the services and products faster while maintaining and augmenting quality. Attaining the requisite quality through a chain of events subsequently helps organisations achieve increased profitability.

Reduces costs

One of the primary benefits of Six Sigma green belt certification is identifying and removing wastes across different activities and processes. This has a direct impact on the costs incurred to produce or manufacture goods, products, or services. Through the Lean Six Sigma Green Belt certification, organisations can look at cost-effective inspection and rework cycles that are focused around preventing service issues and resolving them right then and there. The training also helps organisations optimize and fix processes that are unnecessarily draining the organisation’s resources. An additional benefit of Six Sigma Green Belt training is cultivating the skill to assuredly discuss and undertake intricate subjects, successfully solve problems, and deliver useful commendations.

Improves efficiency

One of the prominent facets of the Lean Six Sigma green belt certification is the creation of standard processes that are easy to implement and can enhance business goals effectively. The certification also reallocates the resources effectively to ensure processes are evenly streamlined, attaining efficiency in every step of the way. The Lean Six Sigma green belt training also helps the organisations in analyzing the data, to identify the problems, reassess them, and develop an effective strategy to mitigate the effects, ensuring efficiency in the resulting process.

Develops effective strategies

The Lean Six Sigma green belt certification helps organisations and companies to identify who their core customer is and what they can do to maximize their efforts to serve the customers with maximum value. By measuring what the customers value most and focus improvement efforts in that very direction through the Lean Six Sigma Green Belt methodologies help in elevating the customer’s experience. This process of supporting and creating efficient and effective strategies and processes helps organisations attain operational excellence along with having an increasingly satisfied customer base.

Transforms employees into leaders

The Lean Six Sigma green belt certification develops the requisite infrastructure where problem solvers are engaged and are made accountable to transform processes and operations for the better. It also develops a culture of trust where transparency across all levels is attained, wherein every employee drives organisational success. The Lean Six Sigma green belt certification also equips employees with tools and techniques to lead a project from the start, look for irregularities, train the team to come up with tangible solutions, and maintain a critical approach to ensure that the processes are sustainable to maintain optimum efficiency.

Standardization in every step

One of the facets that the Lean Six Sigma green belt certification aims at achieving is the standardization of different processes across departments. The Lean Six Sigma Green Belt training apprises candidates to use the DMAIC approach, which ensures every individual looks through data for insights to come up with a solution to any problem. It also helps the organisation in monitoring the progress of different projects, allowing delegation of tasks to different personnel based on their expertise and experience.

Competitive advantage

In today’s day and age, organisations need every bit of advantage that they can have to stay relevant and compete effectively in the market. When a company claims that it has employees who have completed the Lean Six Sigma green belt certification, it instantly gives them a competitive advantage. Especially during sales pitches for public and private sector companies. Moreover, the added advantages of reduced costs, increased efficiency, increased profitability, all culminate to give a competitive advantage that is unparalleled.

Progressive opportunities

Having a Lean Six Sigma green belt certification is a gateway for numerous opportunities. It helps organisations garner better results, better profits, and a better holistic outlook. It also paves way for the Lean Six Sigma black belt certification which demands more expertise and experience but also helps the organisation reach heights that it has never envisioned before.

Why choose TÜV SÜD for Six Sigma Green Belt Training?

TÜV SÜD is a global and certified training and certification provider in various fields, one of them being Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Program. TÜV SÜD’s Certification Programs aim at training professionals who have an aptitude for problem solving along with skills in enhancing business solutions. TÜV SÜD facilitates as per an internationally accepted Body of Knowledge concept, which is revised regularly considering the changing dynamics of industries across the globe.

TÜV SÜD provides this facility to organisations to get their best -suited professionals achieve Lean Six Sigma Green Belt benefits through its training and certification program. 


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