Working at Heights

Face-to-face Training2 DaysBeginner
  • Understand the basic hazards of working at height.
  • Learn how to avoid working at height.
  • Understand how to prevent falls and falling materials.
  • Understand emergency rescue procedures.
  • Review operational control methods and requirements.

Working at height remains one of the biggest causes of fatalities and significant injuries. Typical cases include falls from roofs, ladders, and through fragile surfaces. Working at height requires proper precautions to safeguard workers from falling, resulting in serious injury. Employers must ensure that such tasks are conducted with all precautionary actions. Working at height training program helps an organisation achieve its obligations to fulfill legal requirements and Operational Control requirements of ISO 45001:2018.

  • Introduction to Work at Height
  • Key Terms and Definitions
  • Applicable Regulations
  • Work at height
  • Understanding Hazards / Assessing risk
  • Requirement for PPE
  • Types of Harness for working at height
  • Work at height procedures
  • Fall prevention / Fall Protection / Rescue procedures
  • Training requirements
  • Operational Control methods and requirements
  • Monitoring requirements
  • Record Keeping
  • Practical Session
  • Q&A
  • Examination
  • Employees working in height
  • Contractors
  • Self-employed workers
  • Supervisors / Managers
  • Management professional and Consultants
  • Anyone interested in safety of Working at Height
  • Understanding of English (if language requirement is not addressed).
  • Understanding / Knowledge of working at height related to occupation.
  • Get an introduction to Work at Height.
  • Understand the key terms and definitions.
  • Review the applicable regulations.
  • Understand the Hazards / Assessing risk.
  • Review the Fall prevention / Fall Protection / Rescue procedure.

Exam details (duration, pattern)

  • Duration: 60 minutes
  • Platform/Mode: Written or Online


Qualified participants will receive certificate on “Working at Height”, others will receive certificate of participation.

1. When can I get the certificate?

Working at Height certification will be issued within 21 working days from the examination date.

2. When can I get the training material and invite?

One day before the commencement of the training program.

3. How do I pay the fees for training and examination?

Online mode

4. What are the benefits of the Working at Height Training Program?

  • Get an introduction to Work at Height
  • Understand the key terms and definitions
  • Review the applicable regulations
  • Understand the Hazards / Assessing risk
  • Review the Fall prevention / Fall Protection / Rescue procedure

5. Is there any refund policy for the paid fees?

Please refer to Cancellation and Refund policy page.

Net Price (excl. GST)
₹ 8,000.00
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