E-Mobility Course: Level-2 Qualified Electrician for HV Systems in Motor Vehicles

Face-to-face Training04 DaysIntermediateVirtual Classroom
  • Extend your field of competence as an electrician for HV systems
  • Acquire knowledge of a future in electric mobility
  • Increase your capability of handling the demands of high voltages

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Based on your professional knowledge as a vehicle electrician, mechatronics expert, or technician, you can complete the course to become an electrical expert to work on vehicles with HV systems. You are then qualified to work independently and safely on vehicles with HV systems (e.g., electric cars, and hybrid vehicles). In addition, you will be able to assess the work delegated to you, reliably recognize possible dangers, and put into practice all necessary protective safeguards.

At the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • Identify all high voltage components, their layout and functionality
  • Assess the possible hazards in work and accordingly create SOP for safety
  • Ensure safety of self and co-workers while performing critical jobs on HV vehicles
  • Introduction
  • Storing electrical voltage
  • Switching electrical currents electromagnetically
  • Electronic components
  • Generator
  • DC/AC and DC/DC converters
  • Three phase motors
  • DC motors
  • Wires, cables, connecting systems, charging devices
  • Drive concepts
  • Workshop work and diagnosis
  • Hazards due to the impact of electrical currents, electric arcs and secondary accidents
  • Protective measures against electric shock and arcs in the public grid and passenger cars
  • Implications of the laws and regulations
  • Mild hybrid example
  • Full hybrid example
  • Electric vehicle example: Smart ED
  • Fuel cell vehicle
  • Other examples of hybrid and electric vehicles

Research and Administration

  • Vehicle prototype developers
  • Assembly line designers
  • R&D professionals
  • System integrators
  • Managers of automotive engineering departments
  • RSA crew
  • Fire Fighters


  • Automotive electronic systems engineers
  • Software developers
  • Hardware developers

This course is specially designed for professionals without an electrical engineering education, but with a qualification as vehicle electrician, mechatronician or mechanic, whose area of work is going to include HV systems in powered vehicles.

  • Become an electrical expert to work on vehicles with HV systems
  • Recognise possible dangers and implement all necessary protective measures
  • Assess potential workplace hazards and accordingly create SOP for high voltage safety
  • Identify all high voltage components, layouts, and functionality
  • Ensure the safety of self and coworkers while performing safety-critical jobs on HV vehicles

After completing this electric vehicle certification course, participants must attend an online examination containing multiple choice questions to obtain the certificate. Participants scoring above the passing criteria will be awarded the certificate.

Examination Pattern

  • Multiple-Choice Questions
  • The exam will consist of 32 Multiple choice questions with a passing criterion of 60%

1. When can I get the certificate?
Certificates will be issued within 21 working days from the examination date.

2. When can I get the training material and invite?
One day before the training commencement.

3. How do I pay the fees for training and examination?
Online mode.

4. What are the regulations that the electric vehicle course covers?
The course covers those best practices followed in the European/Global market.

5. How is this course good for my career?
After level 2 qualification, you should be well acquainted with the functionality and working of electric vehicles. Most manufacturers want their employees to possess the Level 2 qualification; hence this course adds weight to the profile.

6. Does this course cover First Aid?

7. How many participants per batch?
Maximum participants in batch 15.

8. Will there be a Q&A session?
The participants get dedicated time for asking questions.

9. Can I get a copy of the slides?
The slides are only an excerpt of the course material provided; hence you do not need the slides.

  • Tata Motors Ltd.
  • Mahindra & Mahindra
  • SWITCH Mobility
  • Tata Consultancy Services
  • Tata Technologies
  • Hero MotorCorp
  • Renault Nissan Technology & Business Centre
  • Ola Electric
  • TVS Motors
  • Mahindra Electric Mobility
  • Eaton India Innovation Centre
  • Maruti Suzuki India Private Limited
  • Royal Enfield
  • PCA Automobiles India Private Limited
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