Internal Auditor Training Program on AS 9110 C AQMS for AMOS/ MROS

Face-to-face Training02 DaysBeginner
  • Understand how to audit using the process approach.
  • Gain knowledge to help manage a successful AS9110C implementation project.
  • Fully understand and successfully interpret the AS9110C requirements.
  • Gain insights into the AS9110C audit requirements to augment/sustain your existing program.

The AS/EN 9110 standard emphasizes the requirements for maintaining all (commercial, private, and military) aircraft. In addition to AS/EN 9100 requirements, this standard includes additional criteria for maintenance repair and overhaul facilities for organisations serving the industry. The AS/EN 9110 standard covers the detection and prevention of unapproved and counterfeit parts, human factors, and safety management systems. The training aligns with the AS 9110 C standards, referencing the allied standards viz., AS9104 / AS 9101F / ISO 19011 and CAR 145 / CAR M for understanding. Internal Quality Auditor certificates will be issued to AS9110 C upon final examination completion. While the course provides evidence of training on AS 9110C for internal auditors, competency for internal auditors is generally determined by the quality of the audits performed and audit results. Training is one component of developing competence.

Day 1

Course introduction
• Benefits & Ascendance of the standard
• Management Principles
• Process Approach
• Overview on Risk based thinking
• Understanding the AS9100C Standard with right interpretation

Day 2
• Understanding the AS9100C Standard
• Exercise – identification of AS clauses (interactive)
• Overview on ISO 19011 /AS 9101 F
• Terms & Definitions
• Principles of Auditing & Attributes of auditors
• The Audit Process – Plan, Prepare, Perform and preparation of NCRs.
Case studies & Role model (interactive)
• Brief on IAQG/OASIS New generation
• Conclusion and Examination (Open book)

  • Internal audit program Managers / Quality Managers/CAM / Line Managers / AME.
  • Quality Professionals.
  • Management Representatives / Anyone who will perform internal audits.
  • Companies seeking AS 9110 C registration / Companies that recognize the value of operating a controlled quality management system.

Before earning a place on board, our trainers undergo a rigorous screening process. These experts are not only certified and highly competent, but they also possess experience across various industry segments, including advisory roles. In addition, they have contemporary, real-life corporate business experience as well as training skills. Our training partners are experts in their industry, with over 2 decades of experience and over 9000 hours of teaching experience. They have hands-on experience in training and communication, in-depth knowledge of the standards and regulations that affect your business and provide you with the best learning experience. Also, they have hands-on experience in applying these standards across various automotive companies.

  • Ask audit questions that get results.
  • Internal Audit planning, audit tool preparation.
  • Identify and document nonconformities.
  • Audit to the AS9110C Quality Management Systems.
  • Provide critical knowledge for your management staff.
  • Provide professional credentials to your internal auditors.
  • Conduct an audit against the ISO 19011 Audit Standard.
  • Provide critical knowledge for your staff and management.

1. When can I get the certificate?
AS 9110 C Internal Auditor certification will be issued within 21 working days from the examination date.

2. When can I get the training material and invite?
One day before the commencement of the training program.

3. How do I pay the fees for training and examination?
Online mode

4. What are the benefits of the AS 9110 C Internal Auditor Program?

  • Understanding of the Internal Audit planning and audit tool preparation
  • Gain insight into the AS9110C audit requirements to augment/sustain your existing program
  • Conduct an audit against the ISO 19011 Audit Standard

5. Is there any refund policy for the paid fees?
Please refer to Cancellation and Refund policy page.

Net Price (excl. GST)
₹ 16,000.00
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