IEC 61508 Functional Safety Training & Certification Program in India

Based on Safety Instrumented Systems for the Process Industry Sector

Based on Safety Instrumented Systems for the Process Industry Sector

Virtual Classes Schedule   

9th - 12th March 2023: Training and Certification: Functional Safety in accordance with IEC 61508 and IEC 61511 | Duration: 4 Days | Time: 10:00 am to 6:00 pm

24th - 27th March 2023: Training and Certification: Functional Safety in accordance with IEC 61508 and IEC 61511 | Duration: 4 Days | Time: 10:00 am to 6:00 pm

Note: If your preferred training date is not visible, please reach out to us by filling up the form.

Overview of IEC 61508 Functional Safety Training and PERSONNEL Certification Program - For Electrical, Electronic and Programmable Systems

IEC 61508 is an international standard for the “functional safety” of electrical, electronic, and programmable electronic systems (PES). IEC 61508 standard provides a common framework to industries to design products and systems for safety-related applications to render the plant safe. The standard specifically covers safety-function related failures performed by E/E/PE safety-related systems. It ensures that systems are designed, implemented and operated as per safety life cycle and safety integrity level (SIL). The safety cycle has 16 phases that address analysis, realisation and operation of safety-related systems step-by-step in phases. It basically involves documenting a safety plan, executing that plan, documenting its execution and continuing to follow that safety plan through to decommissioning with further appropriate documentation throughout the life of the system. All changes in future follow the pattern of planning, execution, validation, and documentation similarly. IEC 61508 is the basic standard of safety and applicable in all industries. Hence, companies need to ensure that their professionals are well trained in IEC 61508 Functional Safety for understanding, designing, implementing and executing the protective systems in an efficient way to mitigate risks and avoid failures in the system life cycle. This would help companies improve their acceptance levels and have a safe workplace environment.

IEC 61508 Functional Safety Training and PERSONNEL Certification Program offered by TÜV SÜD for working professionals in India

IEC 61508 Functional Safety Training & Certification Program, helps understand requisites for a safe environment in the workplace by training individuals to effectively and efficiently use the safety processes . It focuses on the methods to be used to design, deploy and maintain systems related to Electrical, Electronic and Programming systems. Functional Safety Training Certification Program in accordance with IEC 61508 standard, helps industries to train their professionals to meet national and international standards in engineering. The IEC 61508 Training & Certification Program, elevates the standards of the companies and they stand more and more competitive with effective measures of functional safety in place. This helps organizations gain employee trust as well as customer confidence, that ensures only upward growth in business by each day.

Functional Safety Assessment & Certification Services in accordance with IEC 61511/IEC 61508 

We provide a comprehensive range of functional safety  assessment services that provides a consistent framework for ensuring functional safety of your vehicles in scope and throughout safety lifecycle. Our audit and certification services are based on these requirements and we support companies in developing a compliant functional safety management system and processes according to the requirements of the international standards in the FuSa domain. Our experts work closely with your team to meet the requirements of standards IEC61508/IEC 61511. Our services include:

Assessment of existing systems for suitability from the perspective of safety engineering
Functional Safety Gap Analysis
Functional Safety System Audit
Functional Safety (Project) Audit
Functional Safety Management System Process certificate 

After successful completion of functional safety system audit for General Functional Safety Management, System/Hardware Functional Safety Management, Software Functional Safety Management and FSM Audit (project specific), organisations will be provided an accredited certification of compliance. 

Your Business Benefits

• IEC 61511  standard emphasizes on Stakeholders taking part in implementation of Functional Safety Project must have a FSM structure inherently built in their QMS structure 
• FSM Compliance audit and certification can be obtained to all the stakeholders participating in implementation (e.g. Plant owners, EPC Contractors, Engineering consultants, System integrators and Product manufacturers/developers) of the Functional safety project and the whole process of Audit and certification on the basis of IEC 61511/61508 standard life cycle
• Compliant to IEC 61511 FSM requirements will ensure minimizing of Systematic errors
• The project is delivered in compliance with international standards IEC 61511/IEC 61508 regarding safety targets
• Technical and commercial stakeholders as well as regulatory bodies are assured that the project is being managed professionally and the safety targets are being met throughout the life cycle

About the IEC 61508 Functional Safety Training and personnel Certification Course

TÜV SÜD is a leading company in IEC 61508 standard functional safety training and certification. The training provided is well-recognised in India. The training experts in TÜV SÜD have complete knowledge and the technical know-how of the subject, and they aim at providing practical knowledge in the IEC 61508 functional safety training course. Persons entrusted with functional safety have a major role to play, as their competence matters for the efficient overall functioning of the plant. TÜV SÜD provides Functional Safety training and certification solutions for working professionals in India involved in safety-relevant electrical / electronic systems. TÜV SÜD has experts who are certified and have technical knowledge as per international standards. IEC 61508 Functional Safety Training and Certification Course enables companies to have their professionals become a certified expert in functional safety of Electrical, Electronic and Programmable Systems.

Course Objectives - IEC 61508 Functional Safety Training & personnel Certification

The IEC 61508 Functional Safety Training & Certification is designed in order to train participants in the basic principles of IEC 61508 Functional Safety and also at the same time improve their expertise in safety related functions for Electrical, Electronic and Programming systems. The IEC 61508 functional safety standard applies to all industry sectors and covers the complete lifecycle of a product. The industry requirements are persistently changing in mobile and stationary systems which requires companies to have an expertise with regards to safety in order to master its complexity. Its implementation is difficult and requires significant experience with safety related concepts. This is achieved with our training and personnel qualification program which is accepted worldwide. Our objective is to provide you with the right, updated and practical knowledge to efficiently handle safety related systems, mitigate risks and improve your competence.

What are the benefits of enrolling in the IEC 61508 Training & personnel Certification Program?

TÜV SÜD provides IEC 61508 Functional Safety Training & Certification Program to working professionals across multiple industries in India. TÜV SÜD’s experts provide training as per latest improvements in the field and ensure that the trainees are up-to-date as per international standards of functional safety. The training aims at improving the application of safety systems and functioning of the systems with respect to the E/E/PE to avoid any damage to man, material or environment. TÜV SÜD provides one stop solution in the area of functional safety from training to assessment of tool kits and projects, to providing certification, all under one roof. The courses focuses not only on the concepts but also on practical applications that are relatable to the industry. The IEC 61508 training courses provide in-depth expertise relevant to Electrical/Electronic systems and equipment.

Some of the benefits to the business and individuals are as follows:-

  • Demonstrate individual expertise as an IEC 61508 functional safety professional. Candidates who pass Levels 2 or 3 join the lifetime database of TÜV SÜD functional safety experts.
  • Comply with IEC 61508 standard with a certification that clearly demonstrates and documents your expertise, experience and skills in functional safety.
  • Maintain a competitive advantage by building internal competencies to tackle functional safety projects effectively and efficiently.

Who should attend the IEC 61508 Training & personnel Certification Program?

Any professional involved in the management (direct or indirect) of Functional Safety of Electrical, Electronics or Programmable systems can take up the course. Any professional who is working with safety systems or who intends to work in future, can take up the course, to have a more clear understanding and hands-on experience to operate the safety related systems efficiently. They may include control engineers, safety engineers, system integrators, EPCs, managers of engineering departments, R &D development Engineers sales representatives for safety, products, systems and services, sales engineers and managers, marketing specialists or anybody who wants to get their functional safety for IEC 61608 knowledge certified in the associated field of functional safety.

What are the prerequisites for attending the Training & personnel Certification Program for IEC 61508?

TÜV SÜD conducts instructor-led training programs and each of them is tailored as per the requirement put forth. However, there are certain prerequisites for attending our Instructor-led Functional Safety Training Programs in India.

The pre-requisites for the training module in IEC 61508 are as follows:
Participation in training for 24 hours as mentioned below for certification.


Functional safety of Electrical/Electronic/Programmable electronic safety-related systems

Based on years of practical experience in the field of Functional Safety, we impart you with the required knowledge related to the existing IEC 61508 standard for safety-relevant Electrical/Electronic systems. The first three days are classroom sitting instruction based that provides detailed information and discussions for understanding and mastering the requirements of IEC 61508 functional safety. Evening study time and problem solving is recommended. The fourth day consists of a two-part examination.


  • Day 01
    • Accidents in the news
    • What is functional safety?
    • Legal status
    • Application area
    • Layers of protection
    • Safety instrumented system
    • Random, common cause, and systematic failures
    • History functional safety
    • Functional safety standards Functional safety management
    • Lifecycle concept
    • Documentation
    • Implementation and monitoring
    • Verification, validation, assessment and audits
    • Modifications
    • Competency
  • Day 02
    • How much safety is enough?
    • Risk management
    • Hazard identification
    • Hazard analysis
    • Risk reduction techniques
    • Risk graph, risk matrix, LOPA
    • Identification safety functions
    • Overall planning
    • Implementation of a safety instrumented systems Safety plan, V&V plan and overall SRS
    • Requirements for suppliers
    • Hardware lifecycle
    • Hardware concepts
    • Architectural constraints
    • Measures to control and avoid failures
    • Reliability Analysis
  • Day 03
    • Software lifecycle
    • Hardware software relationship
    • A typical software problem
    • Safe software
    • Three types of software
    • Three types of development languages
    • Software tools
    • Dilemma for end users and system integrators
    • What is IEC 61508 certification? What to look for in a certificate?
    • What is proven in use?
    • How to prove “proven in use”?
    • Reliability data sources
    • Installation and commission
    • Validation
    • Operation, maintenance and repair
    • Modifications and retrofit
  • Day 04



    Examination type: Written examination - A four (4) hour examination compromising of 60 multiple-choice questions and 5 working problems.  The passing score criterion is 70%. 


(To be offered as  a customized training for client specific requirements)

  • Introduction to Functional Safety IEC 61508

    Introduction to Functional Safety IEC 61508

    • Introduction into the Topic of Functional safety
    • Overview of relevant standards and "Why IEC 61508 in particular"
    • Safety management and a possible way of implementing it (Safety plan)
    • Safety lifecycle according to IEC 61508
    • Risk analysis
    • Safety concept and specification of safety requirements
    • System design and demonstration of safety
    • Assessment of the system architecture
    • Quantitative assessment a component level (failure probability)
    • Overview of the SW lifecycle

  • Module 1 - Risk Analysis to System Design
    • Brief repetition of theoretical fundamentals according to IEC 61508
    • Presentation of a small scale sample project and the associated development task
    • Performance of the risk assessment on the sample project
    • Determination of the safety requirements at system level and preparation of safety requirements specification including safety concept
    • Elaboration of a possible safety design for sample project
    • Presentation of a possible alternative and their advantage and disadvantages
    • Outlook on further steps to be taken (HW AND SW)
  • Module 2 - Development/Testing of Safety-Relevant Software according to IEC 61508

    Quality Management of the Software 

    • Quality management
    • Planning of functional safety
    • Configuration management

    Software safety lifecycle

    • Specification of the safety requirements
    • Planning of the validation
    • Design and development
    • Software verification
    • Software modification
    • Validation
    • Integration of programmable electronics (HW + SW)

    Assessment of functional safety

    • Planning
    • Assessment
  • Module 3 - System Assessment According to IEC 61508
    • Sub-system oriented consideration
    • Type of sub-system
    • Rating of faults as safe / dangerous
    • Calculation of safe failure fraction and failure characteristics
      • System assessment according to IEC 61508-2
      • Assessment of data communication according to IEC 61508
      • Basic data for failure rates : standards, field data, correction factors
      • Normative requirements and basic data for the failure models of single components
      • Ratings of diagnosis - diagnostic coverage
      • Performance of component FMEDA
  • Module 4 - Analysis Methods for Reliability Determination
    • Fundamentals, requirements of IEC 61508 for probabilistic necessary input data
    • Reliability block diagrams according to IEC 61508 PART 6 - application and limitations
    • Markov modeling: Fundamentals and examples
    • Fault tree analysis (FTA): Fundamentals and examples
  • Module 5 - Specification and Development of Software Tools According to IEC 61508
    • Quality Management of the Software
    • Software Safety Lifecycle
    • Assessment of Functional Safety



The certificate and card will be issued to participants based on successful completion of examination. Successful participant will be awarded:

Level - 1 “Functional Safety Engineer” in accordance with IEC 61508 Functional Safety Certification Program (FSCP)

Validity of Certification: 5 years

Certificate Issued for IEC 61508 Functional Safety Training & Certification in India

Why choose TÜV SÜD  for IEC 61508 Functional Safety Training & Certification Program

TÜV SÜD is a leading company in the world providing functional safety training programs in India, with its renowned experts from various fields having varied knowledge across multiple industries. In IEC 61508 Functional Safety Training & Certification Program, the experts intend to train professionals from industries with all the technical know-how as well as provide a practical experience with respect to IEC 61508 that concentrates on safety systems related to E/E/PE systems. Also, additionally TÜV SÜD is all-in-one place for training, practical sessions, discussions and certification. Some of the points that can be noted are as follows :-

  • Develop competence in professionals, make them informed about the latest developments, so that they can take informed decisions related to safety.
  • Industries can gain customer confidence and also garner better employee satisfaction.
  • TÜV SÜD’s IEC 61508 Training and Certification Program is tailored as per requirement of the target group.
  • TÜV SÜD provides practical experience along with the technical knowledge, along with discussions and proper examination.
  • Our experts are the best of trainers with all the technical know-how and ensure that the instructor-led programs have a personal touch to them, that ensures better relatability.
  • Additionally, taking up our IEC 61508 Training and Certification Program, would provide a competitive edge to the company also, in an overall scenario. 



  • What is the significance of IEC 61508 in a Functional Safety Training program?

    For any kind of industry, functional safety is most fundamental for having a risk free work environment that also runs efficient work processes at the same time. The IEC 61508 Functional Safety Training program aims at training individuals to have complete know-how with respect to electrical / electronic systems or equipment. This would enable them to have complete understanding and control over the safety control systems. It helps trigger safety systems at the right time to mitigate risks and avoid failures. Such training programs provide companies an opportunity to get their professionals trained as per the standards and ensure a safe work environment free from hazards and risks.

  • What does the IEC 61508 Functional Safety Standard specify?

    The IEC 61508 standard of Functional Safety, sets out practices in the engineering of systems that ensures safe industrial processes throughout the life cycle of a product, by focusing on the methods to be used to design, deploy and maintain systems related to Electrical, Electronic and Programming systems.

  • Why is it important for an individual to have Functional Safety Training in IEC 61508 module?

    IEC 61508 Standard Functional Training typically aims at training professionals to have the right knowledge and practical experience in safety functions related to electrical, electronic and programmable systems. When professionals working related to functional safety are updated with the latest improvements in the related field, they can take much more informed steps. This helps to mitigate risks and avoid undue failure. The functional safety training program helps in both individual and organisational growth. This indirectly helps boost business and improve profits exponentially.

  • How to obtain an IEC 61508 Functional Safety Training in India?

    TÜV SÜD India is a leading international institution in providing functional safety training across industries in India. Our industry specific IEC 61508 Functional Safety Training and Certification program in India are globally accredited. The IEC 61508 Functional Safety Training and Certification can be obtained by joining the course and completing the course as per the modules in the stipulated time.



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