ISO TS 22163 Certification - Rail Quality Management System

ISO/TS 22163 Rail Quality Management

Quality Management System Certification for the Rail Industry

Quality Management System Certification for the Rail Industry

What is ISO/TS 22163?

ISO/TS 22163 is the global standard for quality management systems in the rail industry. It is based on the ISO 9001 quality management standard, with the addition of rail-specific requirements. Released in May 2017, it replaced the previous quality standard IRIS Rev. 02.

Why is IRIS ISO/TS 22163 certification important?

The ISO/TS 22163 was created to ensure higher quality standards in terms of facilities, operating equipment, and services. It aims to achieve global uniformity in language, assessment guidelines, and IRIS audits to create a higher level of transparency throughout the railway supply chain.

Rail industry organisations that achieve IRIS ISO/TS 22163 certification and set up IRIS management systems enjoy multiple benefits:

  • Deliver consistently high standards of quality
  • Comply with railway quality management standards
  • Discover quality management problems and resolve them fast
  • Gain a competitive edge by demonstrating your dedication to quality

The IRIS railway certification enables clients to verify the quality and safety aspects of the rail industry and the methods used to produce and apply them. This transparency helps build confidence. In addition, the IRIS audit is valuable to the industry to innovate and develop their business and services.


Some benefits of IRIS compliance include:

  • Implementation of a QM system, particularly for railways
  • Enhanced quality standards
  • Increased customer satisfaction
  • Increased chances of winning tenders
  • Reduced risk of liability

TÜV SÜD is a trusted partner for ISO/TS 22163 certification

TÜV SÜD is an international Certification Body with a worldwide presence. With more than 50 years of rail sector experience, including assessment, engineering consulting, testing and training, TÜV SÜD can help you meet the Standards of ISO/TS 22163 certification.

We are an officially contracted body of UNIFE, The Association of the European Rail Industry. Our experienced auditors have the in-depth knowledge necessary to conduct initial certification and audits according to ISO/TS 22163 certification regulations. This industry-leading expertise underpins the wide public awareness and first-class international reputation of the TÜV SÜD brand.

As part of our pledge to deliver unparalleled service quality, our ISO/TS 22163 certification mark equips manufacturers with a powerful and visible demonstration of their commitment to quality. Beyond providing an assurance of safety to the rail industry, this establishes a clear competitive advantage by enabling customers to quickly identify that your management system has been evaluated by one of the most recognised names in technical safety.

Frequently Asked Questions


  • What is an IRIS Audit?

    An IRIS audit is a systematic assessment of the existing IRIS systems and other factors related to a railway supplier’s/ vendor’s system. The IRIS compliance and audit helps ensure conformity to ISO/TS 22163 standards, identify process gaps, and suggest corrective actions.

  • What is an IRIS Management System?

    Setting up an IRIS management system is part of ISO/TS 22163 certification and adhering to the required IRIS standards is part of IRIS compliance. An IRIS management system enables companies to deliver consistently high-quality standards, compete better in terms of tenders, and comply with railway management standards. Additionally, it enables companies to identify quality-related issues and resolve them quickly.

  • Is ISO/TS 22163 mandatory for railway industries?

    ISO/ TS 22163 helps railway industries assess and identify product and service-related risks or threats and find measures to mitigate them. The IRIS certification helps comply with high standard railway QM systems. Additionally, it serves as a tool to foster cooperation across the railway sector.


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