Functional Safety Training & Assessment Services in India

Adding value with our service portfolio

Adding value with our service portfolio

Functional safety is most fundamental to every industry to ensure that the work environment is a place free of hazards. The concept of Functional safety is a part of the overall safety system, whether in a process or equipment operation, and any deviation from the regulatory requirement, calls for a corrective mechanism to mitigate failures. This Functional safety training provides professionals in-depth and cross functional knowledge to avoid such unprecedented risks.

The training helps organisations to achieve safe operations, meet regulatory requirements, and deliver results. TÜV SÜD provides functional safety training courses in India to professionals across multiple categories, which are industry-specific and compliant to international standards. Our Functional safety training courses help organisations to get an added advantage over their competitors, ensuring customer satisfaction and confidence. 

Your benefits at a glance

  • Our training courses will help professionals identify whether the products/system meet standards and performance requirements, created to protect against potential risks, including injuries and even death 
  • Most important benefit of going through our Functional Safety Training programs is understanding and having the right knowledge to ensure compliance as per customer requirements, legislation, regulations, and insurance demands 
  • The courses are designed to help companies improve safety, increase productivity and reliability and enhance overall business performance, which will result in building utmost customer trust 
  • Our courses are also custom made as per the target group and designed to suit the client’s requirements
  • We support companies in developing a compliant functional safety management system and processes according to the requirements of the international standards in the FuSa domain

About the Functional Safety Training Courses in India

TÜV SÜD in India provides interactive instructor-led sessions that include practical based learning, group discussions, case studies, hands-on workshops and industry-based examples shared by industry experts. Our functional safety training courses are industry-specific, which range from general to specific areas of different categories of industries. Our courses are accredited as per international standards and our instructors are experts in the application of these standards across various industries.

Overview of the Training Programs

TÜV SÜD in India offers a wide range of training courses in different application areas of Functional safety like Process industry, Automobile, Electrical, Electronic and Programmable Systems, and Rail industry. The main agenda of all these courses is to provide attendees a thorough understanding of the Functional Safety standards and regulations, along with a detailed walk through of designing and implementation of the standards. An overview of our four different course modules according to their sector is stated below for your reference.

1.Functional Safety based on Safety Instrumented Systems for the process industry sector - IEC 61511
2.Functional Safety for all road vehicles - ISO 26262
3.Functional Safety based on IEC 61508
4.Functional Safety in the Rail Industry according to EN 50126, EN 50128, EN 50129 and EN 50159

Who should attend?

Any professional involved in the management of Functional Safety or any individual interested in making a career in the field of Functional safety can benefit from our Functional Safety Training Program in India.

Examination and Certification

TÜV SÜD provides target specific and industry specific functional safety training courses and certification in India to various industries as per their requirement. Our training programs and certification courses are in compliance to the international safety standards. The functional safety certification can be obtained by enrolling and attending our instructor-led safety training program.

ISO 26262 ASSESSMENT & certification SERVICES

We provide a comprehensive range of ISO 26262 assessment services which give you a consistent framework for ensuring functional safety of your vehicles in scope and throughout safety lifecycle. Our audit and certification services are based on these requirements, and we support companies in developing a compliant functional safety management system and processes according to the requirements of the international standards in the FuSa domain. Our experts work closely with your team to meet the requirements of ISO 26262. Our services include:

  • Assessment of existing systems for suitability from the perspective of safety engineering
  • Functional Safety Gap Analysis
  • Functional Safety Confirmation Reviews
  • Functional Safety System Audit
  • Functional Safety (Project) Audit
  • Functional Safety Assessment

After successful completion of functional safety system audit for General Functional Safety Management, System/Hardware Functional Safety Management, Software Functional Safety Management and FSM Audit (project Specific), organisations will be provided a Q4B Certificate. 

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    • Our training modules are accredited according to the international standard requirements.
    • We help you build internal competencies to tackle Functional Safety projects effectively and efficiently.
    • Our trainers are experts in the application of Functional Safety standards across the specified industries.
    • Gain a sustainable competitive edge by getting your employees trained in Functional Safety.
    • Our instructor-led Functional Safety Training course modules are designed with 100% focus on practical skill assessment.


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