Pre-shipment inspection

Safeguard your product's quality

Safeguard your product's quality

What is pre-shipment inspection?

Finished goods require a random but thorough inspection before shipment. This detailed inspection is known as a pre-shipment inspection or PSI, which generally occurs at the manufacturer’s premises / factory by selecting a random set of samples according to the defined statistical sampling procedure ISO 2859-1 and AQL (Acceptance Quality Limits) or otherwise agreed with the customer. Criteria for PSI procedures include type identification, product conformity, safety, function, marketing and safety hints, quality (consistent workmanship), quantity, packaging, unit completeness and compliance with the agreed specification.

TÜV SÜD pre-shipment inspection services

TÜV SÜD extends a wide range of testing and inspection services that are tailored to meet your requirements and cover your interests on site. To ensure process excellence, take over end-to-end scheduling and project control on your behalf. Our portfolio includes –

  • In-line Inspection: Focuses on controlling the quality of products by inspecting the production line/raw materials to identify potential problems that may result in defective end products. It is based on a ‘bottom-up’ or deductive approach.
  • Initial Production Inspection (IPI): Conducted at the beginning of the production cycle, when up to 20% of goods are produced. It is based on a ‘top-down’ or inductive approach, which first inspects the end products and then traces back any problems to the production line and raw materials.
  • During Production Inspection (DUPRO): Also based on a ‘top-down’ approach, occurs when the product cycle is about 20- 40% complete and product packing has started.
  • Final Random Inspection (FRI): When the total consignment is completed and packed; a detailed inspection of randomly selected samples is carried out to check the quality, quantity and packaging conformity as per samples and specifications.
  • Construction Check: TÜV SÜD performs a safety check on your products in the run up to production to help you avoid time consuming delays in delivery or costly rework. Within the scope of this examination, we check whether the correct components are being used in order to ensure long-term quality. The design check also provides important information for pre-shipment inspections.
  • Loading Supervisions: TÜV SÜD monitors loading of goods on your behalf. We also inspect the condition of containers and verify the identity and quantity of goods. This enables us to initiate optimization measures on the spot, if necessary.

TÜV SÜD helps ensure quality conformity of your products

Our pre-shipment inspection services ensure compliance and quality conformity across the global supply chain, supporting manufacturers to ensure the quality of their goods and safeguard importers from the risks of global trade.


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