Post-shipment inspection

Safeguard your product's quality

Safeguard your product's quality

What is a post-shipment inspection?

A post-shipment inspection may be defined as a details inspection process of products that arrive at the port of entry or the shipment’s intended destination. The process is carried out to ensure compliance with the terms and conditions of the original purchase. Post-shipment inspection criteria can include verification of the quantity or quality of the shipped product, identification of transit-related damage or in-transit tampering of secured shipping containers.

Post-shipment inspection can provide manufacturers and suppliers with detailed understanding that helps identify potential risks in advance and further facilitates resolution of disputes.

Ensure global customer satisfaction

Amidst a rapidly evolving global economy, businesses are extremely reliant on manufacturers and suppliers across different geographies to provide quality products that meet regulatory requirement. However, the risks involved while transporting products and materials via different channels and carriers is high, which may cause accidents, delays and fraudulent acts resulting in unpleasant customer expectations.

As a result, manufacturers and suppliers are at a significant disadvantage while they attempt to validate and identify the causes of failure. However, an unhappy customer or a financial loss is what remains.

TÜV SÜD’s post-shipment inspection services

Our post-shipment inspection services provide manufacturers and suppliers with a surety that the products and materials received by their customers remain unscathed and are the same as those that have been shipped.


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