The “5 Whys” QM Method E-learning Course

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Before we can solve a problem, we first need to determine its actual root cause. Frequently, we tend to focus on the most obvious cause and then wonder why the problem persists. The “5 Whys” QM method counters this phenomenon by guiding us to the crux of the problem.

In this course, you will learn the results-oriented “5-Whys” technique to quickly and reliably identify the root cause of a problem.

This course illustrates how to employ the “5 Whys” technique whenever and wherever convenient.

  • Specialists and executives in the field of quality management
  • Those interested in enhancing problem solving skills
  • Introduce you to the “5 Whys method”
  • Use the method in a case study
  • Inform you about the pitfalls involved in using this method

This E-learning courseoffers an accelerated learning through its bite-sized modular structure. The flexibility of this self-paced E-learningmeans it is accessible on any device 24/7. You have the opportunity to start,pause, replay, and even restart the course at your own convenience. Uponcompletion of this E-learning course, you will receive a globally recognised TÜV SÜD certificate.

The course includes a knowledge test, and upon completion, you will receive your globally recognised TÜV SÜD certificate on The “5 Whys” QM Method.

TÜV SÜD additionally offers the opportunity to deliver this training as a dedicated in-house course, delivered solely to your organisation to meet your needs and requirements. To receive a quote and find out more information, please contact us at [email protected].

Net Price (excl. VAT)
£ 99.00

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