Furniture inspection and testing services

Furniture Inspection and Testing Services

Guarantee the quality of your products

Guarantee the quality of your products

In an evolving world where our homes double as workspaces and trends like 'New Work' redefine conventional offices, the demand for high-quality, functional, and innovative furniture remains constant. Not only are the staples of product safety, quality, design, and longevity expected, but the increased emphasis on furniture testing, electrification, and sustainability of furniture has also become a significant concern.

TÜV SÜD provides active support to manufacturers and distributors, facilitating efficient navigation through the complexities of these regulations. Our services in furniture testing and certification expedite the path to both national and international markets, assuring mandatory product safety. We stay abreast of the shifting landscape of normative and legal requirements, offering comprehensive furniture inspection services for manufacturers.


Children furniture testingWhen it comes to children's furniture manufacturing, the paramount concern for parents, and thus manufacturers and distributors, is safety. Every piece of children's furniture must not only demonstrate robust stability to prevent toppling or collapsing but should also eliminate any hazards, such as trapping points for a child's head or other body parts. 

Strict standards govern the specifics such as the size and spacing of openings, holes, and even the latches on children's beds. Manufacturers or distributors are required to adhere to stringent requirements for fall protection, particularly relevant for items like bunk beds, changing tables, or high chairs, all in a bid to preempt potential accidents.

Our team at TÜV SÜD is well-versed in these safety prerequisites and offers comprehensive support in the testing of children's furniture. With our certification services, we facilitate swift market access and guarantee customer satisfaction through thorough furniture inspection.

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Outdoor furniture testing

The comprehensive testing of outdoor furniture is integral to ensuring that your products uphold safety, thereby identifying and minimizing any potential risks.

This rigorous evaluation is guided by the series of EN 581-1, EN 581-2, and EN 581-3 standards, which collectively encompass all pertinent safety requirements for outdoor furniture.

  • Part 1 - tackles general safety elements such as shearing and crimping points and general safety
  • Part 2 - outlines specific guidelines for seating furniture like chairs, armchairs, and loungers
  • Part 3 - provides guidelines for ensuring the stability, strength, durability, and special functionalities of tables, including features like parasol support

These furniture testing standards make distinct considerations for different application areas, whether it's for camping, residential use (like balconies, terraces, or gardens), or commercial settings (like outdoor eateries, beer gardens, or beach clubs). Furthermore, public street furniture such as park benches has its own set of specific requirements, all of which are incorporated into our TÜV SÜD test program.

As a manufacturer or distributor of high standard furniture, particularly for outdoor use, you bear the responsibility of ensuring that your products are safe and comply with all relevant standards. Our comprehensive furniture inspection services will provide the guidance and assurance you need in this process.

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Indoor home furniture

Each type of furniture, whether it's chairs, tables, bathroom fixtures, or beds, is subject to its unique set of regulations. Additionally, separate standards are in place for items like slatted frames and mattresses, all of which we diligently check under our domestic furniture product testing services.

For furniture with electromotor drives, such as height-adjustable tables or hanging cabinets, or automated slatted frames or box spring beds, the products fall within the purview of the Machinery Directive, along with potential application of other relevant guidelines and regulations.

Through our living furniture testing services, manufacturers and distributors can gain the assurance that their products comply with all necessary standards and regulations. Our special furniture and mattress marks provide consumers with a clear indication of the product's high quality and furniture product safety.

For furniture inspection, we also check:

  • Office furniture
  • Object furniture
  • Furniture for educational institutions
  • Laboratory furniture
  • Industrial furniture
  • Mattresses

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  • Expert guidance through product development stages and the entire product life cycle, including considerations like the weight of furniture and furniture sustainability.
  • A full range of service and furniture testing offerings from a single, dependable provider.
  • Time and cost-effective certification process, benefitting from years of hands-on experience.
  • Enhances customer confidence by validating the safety and ergonomic considerations, thus minimizing any potential hazard.


Mechanical SafetyEMC Testing

Electrical SafetyFunctional Safety

Chemical SafetyEnvironmental Testing

  • GS tests and type tests
  • Strength and durability tests
  • Dimensioning / Ergonomics testing
  • Role testing
  • Flammability tests
  • Tests according to current standards and internal test bases
    (e.g. B. DIN, EN, ISO, BS, ANSI/BIFMA, NEN, NPR)
  • Sustainability Services
  • Testing of lighting including testing according to ErP
    (ecodesign guideline)
  • Battery/battery tests
  • Cybersecurity / IoT exam
  • FSC/PEFC audits
  • Packaging tests
  • Benchmark tests
  • Creation of product specification
  • Partial examinations on customer request
  • Support with operating instructions and hazard analyses
  • Trainings (workshops, training, technical discussions)

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