Sustainable supply chain

Sustainable supply chain management

Ensure sustainability throughout the supply chain

Ensure sustainability throughout the supply chain

What is sustainable supply chain management?

Sustainable supply chain management involves assessing your procurement processes through the lens of environmental and social responsibility. TÜV SÜD's sustainable supply chain services help your organization develop a more responsible supply chain.

Sustainable sourcing and procurement practices have many benefits and can reduce your company's environmental impact. It can help promote overall quality and business resilience, ensure compliance with regulations and safety standards, as well as meet environmental and social responsibility goals. However, because supply chains stretch across multiple countries and sites, the process of ensuring your suppliers are taking environmental and social responsibility into consideration can be complex.


Why is supply chain sustainability important?


ms sustainabilityYour sustainability business practices should resonate with your suppliers in order to improve your sustainability quotient. Responsible supply chain management is important because it ensures your suppliers are following effective environmental, social and economic governance practices, which in turn reflects back on the footprint of your organization. Assessing your supply chain will help you identify supplier’s current compliance status.



Be confident in your sustainable supply chain

TÜV SÜD partners with corporations worldwide to address responsible supply chain governance. With our portfolio of audit services and management system certifications, our experts can help you assess and verify sustainable practices throughout complex and global supply chains. The Implementation of practices and procedures for sustainable supply chain management can provide valuable support across supply chain activities:

  • Screen new suppliers: Perform a reliable and consistent supplier evaluation or qualification process on all potential suppliers to ensure they meet the minimum standards. 
  • Establish standard information benchmarks: We help you understand and identify the social, ethical and environmental conditions of individual suppliers. 
  • Identify gaps: Establish current sustainability issues and use these as a starting point to discuss how each one can be addressed.
  • Initiate continuous improvement: Upgrade operations of your suppliers from a long term perspective by following iterative improvements.
  • Measure success: Monitoring performance through audits helps verify whether improvements are being made and how.


OUR Supply chain management services

Our portfolio of responsible supply chain services includes:



ISO 28000

ISO 28000 Supply Chain Security

Effectively mitigate supply chain risk

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ISO 22301

ISO 22301 Business Continuity Management System

Ensure continuity of critical business functions in the event of disruptions



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