material handling in hydrogen technologies

Material handling in hydrogen technology

Expert live stream

Expert live stream


Hydrogen technologies like electrolysers and Power2Gas-facilities or fuel cell based mobility applications are gaining more and more momentum in several countries worldwide to reach climate goals. But during design, manufacturing and operation several questions related to the specific characteristics of hydrogen come up, which are not yet sufficiently answered by regulations, codes and standards. Which base material, processing steps and post treatment processes are suitable in which application area? How is a technical integration of an electrolyser into a natural gas grid infrastructure possible? Which requirements need to be fulfilled for switching to hydrogen? 

About the speaker

Thomas GallingerDominik VoggenreiterDr. Thomas Gallinger and Mr. Dominik Voggenreiter

Director, Business Development, Energy Sector and Senior Expert Material Technology

Thomas is responsible for business development in energy storage and sector coupling technologies with extensive experience in the energy sector and the development of new services to reflect current market developments and fulfil customers needs. 

Dominik is an engineer in material science and engineering and has over 10 years of experience in failure analysis and evaluation of materials. As a specialist for materials in hydrogen services he gives lectures regarding the impact of hydrogen onto materials and failure analysis in common. In addition, he is an expert for off-highway diesel and gas engines and their application.

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