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Certification mark for friction-reduced ski-bindings Z2_099

Adding value with our service portfolio

Adding value with our service portfolio

Certification mark for ski bindings


The certification mark applies to ski bindings. Due to appropriate design features, these ski bindings release consistently and reliably (z-value) even in the case of major dirt accumulation. Comparison is carried out against a clean ski binding.

Basis of certification:

The certification mark is awarded within the framework of voluntary testing and certification. The test procedure developed by TÜV SÜD Product Service is based on the ISO 9462 standard, which defines the key safety requirements for ski bindings. The standard applies to alpine ski bindings for children, young people and adults.

Key Words of the certification mark:

  • Friction-reduced
    Dirt on ski boots, such as small stones, grit or sand, leads to higher friction between ski boots and the ski binding, which may cause the release characteristics of ski bindings to deteriorate.

    This friction may be reduced in ski bindings with a special design. The ski bindings are subjected to laboratory testing to ensure they also fulfil the requirements of the standard when they are exposed to dirt.
  • Consistent release values

    The ski bindings’ release values remain constant even in case of dirt accumulation.

  • Unaffected by dirt

    The ski binding has a special release system, which compensates for the relative movement between the ski binding and a ski-boot sole clogged with dirt. Consequently, any dirt on the ski boots will not affect the release System.

  • ISO 9462
    Certification is based on the ISO 9462 standard (alpine ski bindings – requirements and test methods)
  • Safety tested
    The voluntary certification mark with the statement “Safety tested” is issued for products, indicating that the product was tested and certified by the independent third-party organisation of TÜV SÜD Product Service for conformity with the essential technical safety requirements.
  • Production monitored
    Periodic surveillance of the manufacturer of a product constitutes the basic premise for certification that includes the award of a certification mark. Certification always requires product testing and regular factory inspections.

    As a third-party expert organisation, TÜV SÜD Product Service verifies that the manufacturer is able to maintain consistent quality in line with the requirements throughout high-volume production and has established the necessary quality system, including incoming goods inspections, lists of materials and finished product testing.

    In addition, calibration of the necessary measuring and monitoring equipment must be ensured. Surveillance and/or monitoring covers the testing of safety-critical components and other materials used. If unauthorised changes are made to the product, certificate validity will expire and the TÜV SÜD certification mark may no longer be used.

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