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Reconstruction program in Latin America

Reconstruction program in Latin America

The São Paulo based re-construction program embraced 3 large residential new builds spanning over 75,000 sqm GFA. TÜV SÜD was appointed as the strategic quality & BIM partner to execute the following activities:

  • Development, implementation, technical support and project management for three government housing programs (social housing sector) as national BIM pilots for Brazil
  • Development of a national BIM standard for public housing in Brazil based on ISO 19650 (BIM Information Management, EIR, BEP, MIDP etc.) and ISO 16739 (“open BIM”, IFC), including EIR, BEP, MIDP templates as well as development of process templates and workflows based on ISO 19650 and ISO 16739 for the implementation of BIM in the areas of planning, construction and operation
  • Capture and model existing condition of the brown field projects, e.g. with drone images and BIM modelling
  • Development and implementation of digitalised project management ecosystem based on BIM, Common Data Environments and BIM model check as ‘algorithm-translated local design and construction norms
  • Operational BIM management and the overall technical project management including design reviews and onsite construction assurance

TÜV SÜD BIM model checks were developed and implemented as part of the digital project management office across the entire project program. Digital project approval process was also developed on all the sub-projects and special topics such as handicapped accessibility, fire safety, occupant safety and fire protection through TÜV SÜD model check.


The outcome of TÜV SÜD Model Check

  • Reduced BIM management cost by 960 man-hours monthly (6 full-time employees over 2 years) by automating design compliance such as digitally approve projects and building permissions using TÜV SÜD’s custom developed BIM Model Check based on Solibri
  • Return-on-Invest of TÜV SÜD model check in 3 months including the custom ruleset / code development of the model check based on local design norms and construction standards
  • Accelerated project audit time from 4 man-days per data drop to 6 hours per data drop which save the overall project approval time by 5 months

Reach out to [email protected] for more information. Tobias is the global manager for digital lifecycle solution in TÜV SÜD. 

About Department of Social Housing

The Department of Housing of the City of São Paulo, Brazil, is the government appointed construction and project management entity for local residential projects. The Department is the official government mandate holder for development and implementation of BIM in public Brazilian construction projects.


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