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Laboratory refurbishment in Germany

Laboratory refurbishment in Germany

HVAC design for constructability and design for maintainability reviews and HVAC normative compliance checks were done on chemical industrial corporate laboratory extension project spanning over 14,200 sqm. TÜV SÜD model check was also done during the technical design stage. TÜV SÜD model check including design review only took 4-man days. 



  • Prevented Request-of-Change (RfC) of €2.15 M (about 20% of overall project cost). TÜV SÜD model check detected 413 constructability errors such as layout and performance errors during the handover of the ready-for-construction design from General Design Agency to the building owner.
  • Reduced re-modelling fees by 35% through TÜV SÜD BCF model check reports to audit model as the basis for re-modelling.
  • Avoided laboratory productivity loss such as exceeding project timeline and losing productive laboratory days for re-planning, re-construction and unsuccessful attempts of obtaining cleanroom certification of estimated €75 M through just-in-time project analysis before construction procurement phase. 

Reach out to [email protected] for more information. Tobias is the global manager for digital lifecycle solution in TÜV SÜD. 


As one of the top 5 global chemistry corporates with Commercial Real Estate (CRE) assets in over 80 countries, they run extensive and recurring laboratory construction projects in both green and brown fields. Due to extensive government testing and medical development, the laboratories need to be built within the allocated time and budget. Since 2018, BIM model check has become an integrated part of its building quality & risk management strategy. TÜV SÜD is the mandated 3rd party general quality auditor across design and construction stages, including BIM management. BIM model check helps to reduce audit time and benchmark the project quality over other projects in other countries.


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