ISO 19443 - La future norme de management de la qualite pour la chaine d approvisionnement nucleaire

ISO 19443 – The future quality management standard for the nuclear supply chain

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Prove the quality and reliability of your processes, products & services

ISO 19443 is a dedicated standard for the nuclear supply chain, enabling organisations to demonstrate that their quality management system (QMS) combines best practice against the specific requirements of the nuclear industry. 

Operators demand long-term and dependable relationships with their suppliers, and ISO 19443 provides a consistent QMS approach that successfully spans time and geographic boundaries. Delivering a holistic method on a worldwide scale, ISO 19443 will ensure that materials, products, processes and services are fit for purpose. By working on a regulated basis across national boundaries, the nuclear industry can be assured of a sound and uniform safety culture.

Why download the whitepaper?

  • Gain an insight into how stakeholders are mandating ISO 19443 as a certified requirement for suppliers of products and services important to nuclear safety
  • Understand how ISO 19443 ensures consistent quality and safety across the global supply chain, helping operators and licensees develop strong partnerships
  • See how organisations that secure early ownership of ISO 19443 will gain a competitive advantage
  • Find out more about how TÜV SÜD’s audit service can help you determine your organisation’s readiness for ISO 19443 certification

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