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There are countless opportunities for IT and digitalisation experts within our organisation, from advising customers on all aspects of cyber security and data protection, to testing security components and systems in the context of functional safety, to operating our internal IT infrastructure or to build up eBusiness and Analytics or Artificial Intelligence services. We offer people with IT or digitalisation backgrounds a vast range of opportunities in a diverse environment of projects and industries. Within the TÜV SÜD global group, you could become part of the team that develops and operates our IT applications and infrastructure or builds up digital spaces for our eBusiness platform and data-driven services. You can apply AI methods to our inspection and certification services, examine and test existing solutions, put new ideas and developments through their paces, or design, implement and manage system architecture to improve our clients’ services as well as our own. Furthermore, in our Rail and Product Service department, you can become part of the team that advises our customers on cyber security and functional safety. In this role you would process knowledge of a wide range of industries and critical infrastructures, providing comprehensive assessments to verify our customers’ safety and security risks. Whether it concerns autonomous driving, cybersecurity, smart homes and factories, wearables, sensors, safer online shopping, or drones, our employees strengthen trust in new technologies with their expert knowledge. We all contribute to shaping an efficient and future-oriented organisation to enable digitised, secure and automated processes for the testing, inspection and certification (TIC) business of our customers.

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  • Certification Project for Siemens Digital Industries

    We audited and certified the firstever reference architectures tailored specifically to the water industry (e.g. fresh water, wastewater, desalination) in April 2020. The blueprints were provided by Siemens and were certified to an international, industrial standard. Increased digitisation means a higher need for cybersecurity, and Siemens has been offering seamless cybersecurity concepts to many users and companies for a long time. However, as digitisation increases exponentially, this heightened threat has seen legislators across the world demand that operators of critical infrastructures all protect themselves. For industries such as water management, this will be the first time that cybersecurity is an issue on such a scale. This of course brings with it its own set of new criteria, meaning that IT service providers had the challenge of coming up with entirely new programmes suited to the industry. The certification confirms that both Siemens processes and the technical reference architecture adhere to the security requirements of the standards and is the first of its kind in the water industry and in a long tradition of IEC 62443 certifications from TÜV SÜD for Siemens.

  • The Charter of Trust: Making the Digital World Safer

    Digitalisation has transformed the way we transact, work and live. In this world of increased connectivity, it is important to ensure the security, privacy and integrity of our data and digital infrastructures. As an industry thought leader for digital trust, TÜV SÜD’s aim is to increase awareness of cyber security.

    Aligned with TÜV SÜD’s mission of inspiring trust, we are proud to be a member of the Charter of Trust. The global cyber security alliance was initiated by Siemens and the Munich Security Conference in 2018. Its 17 members are leading global organisations and key players in industries such as technology, aviation, advanced manufacturing and more. With a diverse range of partners, this initiative is a consolidation of leading experts with the latest technologies and sought after resources in the world.

    Through our independence, deep domain and regulatory knowhow, we at TÜV SÜD aim to contribute to the Charter of Trust and its 10 key principles by protecting critical systems and sensitive data, helping our customers ensure their business continuity. Our service portfolio covers crucial aspects of cyber security in the context of our core business model covering testing, auditing, inspection, certification and training.

    Find out more about the Charter of Trust at and how TÜV SÜD helps increase digital trust at

  • Smart Lift: TÜV SÜD Digital Service experts connect to IoT for downtime-prevention

    Lifts perform a heavy duty – all day, every day. To predict optimal maintenance and prevent breakdowns at an early stage, TÜV SÜD Digital Service dove deep into the possibilities of the Internet of Things (IoT) and smart algorithms and developed an innovative solution. In Singapore, our team successfully implemented a smart lift testbed project for 118 lifts.

    Tapping on their profound base of expertise in this field, our team designed and implemented tailormade algorithms for 24/7 operations monitoring, recording and anomaly detection based on sensor data. In a joint venture of lift experts and a sensor hardware provider, we developed a centralized, cloud based IoT solution to process almost realtime data on the physical condition, utilization, ride comfort, and anomaly detection of lifts. To make things even more demanding, the solution had to be applicable to different lifts, independent of the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM), age and type.

    The project then moved into the handson phase: We equipped several lifts with laser and multi sensors on top of the cabin, which provide detailed information on the acceleration, position in the shaft, and more. Environmental variables such as pressure, temperature, and humidity are monitored as well.

    The project proved to be an overall success: The testbed had a resounding 85% accuracy in failure prediction with the innovative analytics engine. The information collected provides a basis for automated predictive maintenance which will reduce costs and down time. And the story goes on: TÜV SÜD Digital Service already won another pilot project for implementing the innovative lift predictive maintenance solution on high-rise and industrial properties.

  • Making business fit for the future: TÜV SÜD helping along the way to Industry 4.0

    Making business fit for the future with Industry 4.0? Can do. For a leading industrial packaging product manufacturer TÜV SÜD Digital Service in Singapore developed a strategic roadmap and corresponding business case to create the path for Industry 4.0 transformation.

    Guided by the vision and future targets of the client, the TÜV SÜD team worked to conceptualize and prioritize the I4.0 technology solutions that would be needed to realize the future state.

    In a nine-week engagement we got busy to make the vision become reality. The current state of a factory was assessed, and our experts identified development opportunities in automation, connectivity, data analytics, as well as in the underlying IT and OT system architecture. Further analysis was conducted on the enterprise systems, databases, operations management, and strategic imperatives.

    With defined transformational direction and targets, our experts crafted a high-level roadmap, and established the strategic priorities, investment requirements and cost benefit analysis. The Return on Investment (ROI) was projected for the entire Transformation program.

    The final deliverables in the analysis and recommendations served as a basis for investment decisions of senior management at the global Head Office, direct the transformation journey at the local pilot site and serve as a blueprint for other plants.

  • Remote Design Sprint for Auto Service – Drivers Club

    In February 2021 we kicked off Drivers Club, an app by Division Mobility for their driver’s license applicants, with a remote design sprint.

    The goal of the design sprint was to further develop the product within a short time span of three weeks, with the support of user input, by building a visual concept for user guidance.

    By starting the design sprint with expert interviews, we collected as much relevant information as possible from every expert field, which also enabled us to scope out the project. Based on this input, all participants defined different features of the product and developed the user flows. These resources gave us enough foundation to start visual thinking, asking every participant to scribble suggestions for the visual implementation of the defined requirements. With these conceptual ideas in place, the whole design sprint team defined the direction for the visual prototype under the eye of the involved UX department. On the one hand, the resulting prototype was utilised for user testing, which enabled us to evaluate the product ideas with real users and therefore reduce the risk of expensive development errors.

    On the other hand, it represented a solid foundation on which to define the requirements for a product that users will love.

  • Using Artificial Intelligence to detect damages on car

    At TÜV SÜD, we developed an AI-based solution to detect damage such as scratches and dents on cars. Pictures are taken of all sides of the car and then automatically analyzed to generate damage reports. As the setup works in near-real-time, the hardware, software, and architecture could be continuously improved, making the algorithms and services we employ as efficient as possible.

    Our data engineers and cloud architects were responsible for designing, setting up, and constantly improving automated machine learning pipelines and a scalable cloud architecture that we used for data management. The key task for our data science team was to select, train, and retrain deep learning algorithms. As a result, we reached a high damage-detecting accuracy using region-based convolutional neural networks (R-CNN).

    An active-learning approach also allowed us to integrate feedback on model retraining from our car experts to continuously improve the system. With the AI-based solution, we support our car experts and speed up the whole process.

    This project is an excellent example of bringing the latest deep-learning-based approaches to life by integrating them into a scalable system for automated damage detection.



Our experts are our most valuable assets, working across many fields, making certain that we stay a part of progress and help shape the future. We’re looking for forward-thinking people to join us.

We aim to shape the future by becoming one of the pioneers of the digital revolution through our comprehensive portfolio of safety, security IT- and automation solutions accompanied by eBusiness and Data Analytics and AI services. Academics, specialists, and practical-minded generalists alike will find many suitable areas of employment in our organisation.

Depending on the specific role we are looking for, experts with relevant experience in project management, IT architecture and technologies, database programming and administration, software development and application management, SAP, IT security/Cyber security, online store and portal technology or Data Analytics and AI are a plus. Candidates with compatible backgrounds come to us with degrees within the fields of IT, engineering, statistics, business informatics, mathematics, natural sciences or communication technology or comparable.

We are passionate about technology, our careers, and contributing to a safer, more sustainable world – and our work ethic reflects that. We are looking for people who take a closer look, conducting their work thoroughly to come to informed decisions. We need people who love collaborating, are always looking to the future, and are firmly committed to our pledge for safety and sustainability.

For further information, please check the specific requirements within our job ads.


Your professional competence is crucial to our success. As an expert, you need an environment you can develop in and the opportunity to learn new ways of tackling your challenging tasks. This is exactly what we offer you.

As a TÜV SÜD employee, you will have the chance to hone your skills and refine your talents, whether you want to simply ensure you’re still up-to-date, broaden your knowledge or take that next step into leadership.

To ensure that all of our employees stay at the top of their game, we offer a range of professional and personal development programmes such as courses that keep engineers at the pinnacle of their technical expertise.

We have a future-oriented approach, which includes training for the current job and for trends you might see in the future, such as digitisation. Find more detailed information about these opportunities in our Learning and Development” section.


Working at TÜV SÜD offers a host of benefits. We provide you with a stable and rewarding environment for performing complex and challenging roles. In addition, we offer many opportunities for lasting personal growth and development.

You will also find attractive salary packages, sound benefit options and a harmonious work-life balance. Click here to discover more details.

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