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Future in Your Hands

Future in Your Hands


All of TÜV SÜD’s operational and strategic units work together towards higher safety, quality and efficiency, as well as improving our internal processes and increasing business value for our clients. A clear view of our ‘big picture’ is paramount at strategic and administrative levels.

Within HR, Finance, Marketing, Controlling or Law, we always have this big picture in sight – whether we develop and support large initiatives and projects or simply run our daily business. If this sounds like it would suit you, and you have a background in a degree in business studies, law, psychology or a similar field of study with relevant business experience, get in touch!

Learn more about us and the projects we work on, and get first-hand insights from our colleagues.

Find out what kind of people we want on board, the benefits of working at TÜV SÜD and the development opportunities we offer!  

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  • Recreating TÜV SÜD’s Global Website

    In 2018, we began a major undertaking: relaunching the global TÜV SÜD website. Our aim is to revamp and optimise the global website landscape and create a seamless web experience for visitors. For this to happen, we had to migrate over 50 country sites into one, cohesive tuvsud.com – powered by a state-of-the-art enterprise content management system which will bring our marketing to the next level.

    We first had to audit various departments and markets to pinpoint which areas needed optimisation, as well as key customer journeys and touchpoints. We used our findings to design the new website architecture and regionalisation concept.

    Since 2018, we have onboarded over 200 content authors who have written and launched new, localised pages for our diverse market and customer requirements. Every finished site is the result of months of collaborative efforts between the regional and global teams.

    The project is a valuable learning experience for all of us who were involved as it is the first time our Marketing team has implemented a cloud-based solution in our MarTech stack. It required a complete change of mindset, a different project management approach and an upgrade of our skillset.

    The project is still underway, but we have already migrated over 85% of website traffic to the new CMS, which has reported stronger web performance (faster and over 60% increase in page views).

  • eBusiness: Providing a Standardised Platform for Online Stores and Portals

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    At Digital Service, we are constantly engaging with our business units to identify potential areas for digitisation. Through these conversations, we identified multiple planned initiatives to build online stores and service portals across the TÜV SÜD group in 2017. If we built them all individually, we would have a segmented landscape that would fail to give our customers the expected, seamless TÜV SÜD global experience.

    We saw an opportunity: what if we could build a group-wide, state-of-the-art platform for all portals and stores? Such an accomplishment would fulfil the individual needs of our business units and give us a shared platform with maximum re-use.

    We started by standardising the shared elements on the technological (IT) foundation with the selection of an online store and portal platform for the entire group. We also needed modern IT infrastructure that uses cloud hosting and an enterprise service bus for data exchange. We wanted a unique and simple front end to drive a common user experience (UX) across the TÜV SÜD entities. This work was done within two years as a collaborative effort across different departments (Digital Service, IT, Marketing, Business Units).

    This project is a shining example of the Digital Service team’s work, driving digital initiatives across the group and enabling collaboration between the individual business units. We are already piloting this new IT foundation, with many more projects in the pipeline to follow in the coming years.


Who We Are Looking For

Our experts are our most valuable assets, working across many fields, making certain that we stay a part of progress and help shape the future. We’re looking for forward-thinking people to join us.

We aim to become a pioneer of digital transformation and keep our standard tests and certifications at the same high quality. Corporate Functions and Business Support help our business succeed with this long-term strategy.

Academics, specialists, and practical-minded generalists alike will find many suitable areas of employment in our organisation. As a candidate for our corporate and business support functions, you might come to us with a degree in business studies, law, psychology, communications and marketing or similar. Ideally, you will already have some relevant business experience too. If you meet these requirements, we would like to hear from you!

The decisions we make at work contribute to the success of our business today and tomorrow, in many different areas. This requires experts who are confident in their field, knowledge and actions. They should also be curious about new trends and developments and be able to think outside of well-established paths. They should remain curious and always open to growing and expanding their skills to keep up with our fast-developing world.

For further information, please check the specific requirements within our job ads.

Personal and Professional Development

Your professional competence is crucial to our success. As an expert, you need to have a clear idea of how to tackle your challenging tasks and work in an environment you can build your career in. This is exactly what we offer you.

To ensure you stay at the top of your game, we offer a range of professional and personal development programmes.

As a TÜV SÜD employee, you will have the chance to hone your skills and refine your talents, whether you want to simply ensure you’re still up-to-date, broaden your knowledge or take that next step into leadership.

We have a future-oriented approach, which includes training for the current job and for trends you might see in the future, such as digitisation. Find more detailed information about these opportunities in our “Learning and Development” section.


Working at TÜV SÜD offers a host of benefits. We provide you with a stable and rewarding environment for performing complex and challenging roles. In addition, we offer many opportunities for lasting personal growth and development.

You will also find attractive salary packages, sound benefit options and a harmonious work-life balance. Click here to discover more details.

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