Inspiring trust through the 4 technological revolutions

Throughout history, new technologies have revolutionised society. But new technology also creates uncertainty until we understand how it works and can manage the risk. From the steam engines of the Industrial Revolution to our modern hyper-connected world, TÜV SÜD has a proven track record of partnering businesses and inspiring people to trust in new technologies.

This short film traces our journey of inspiring trust for more than 150 years.

From the Industrial Revolution to Industry 4.0

To date, our world today has been shaped by three major technological revolutions. The first introduced the use of steam boilers in production. Engines and electricity heralded the arrival of the second. For the third revolution, production was further automated using electronics and IT. Today, we stand at the dawn of the fourth revolution – Industry 4.0. Here, we explore the many milestones that have contributed to our reputation as a trusted partner of choice in safety, security and sustainability solutions.



Next Steps

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