Water Efficiency Testing (WELS)

Test and certify your products to Water Efficiency Labeling Scheme (WELS)

Test and certify your products to Water Efficiency Labeling Scheme (WELS)

WHat is Water Efficiency Testing?

For consumers in Singapore to make more informed choices when purchasing household appliances, the government has made it mandatory for manufacturers and suppliers of water fittings to disclose their products’ water consumption levels and usage efficiency. Under this scheme - Water Efficiency Labeling Scheme (WELS), products confirmed to be water efficient can then be labeled as water efficient, and leverage this endorsement for advertisement, display, sale and supply in the local market.


All suppliers, including importers, retailers, manufacturers and distributors, of various product categories may apply to have their models tested and certified to Water Efficiency Labeling Scheme (WELS).  Products that fall under “Mandatory WELS” have to comply with the WELS efficiency standards and requirements. They must be accompanied by labels for the specified supply, sale and use in Singapore. 

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Mandatory WELS

  • Shower Taps and Mixers
  • Basin Taps and Mixers
  • Sink/Bib Taps and Mixers
  • Low Capacity Flushing Cisterns
  • Urinal Flush Valves & Waterless Urinals
  • Clothes Washing Machines

Voluntary WELS

  •  Showerheads


TÜV SÜD is an accredited testing laboratory for Water Efficiency Labeling Scheme (WELS), and we can ensure customers comply with PUB’s specified guidelines and regulations regarding minimum performance and water efficiency requirements. For more details on Water Efficiency Labeling Scheme (WELS), you may refer to PUB website.


  • Compliance to local regulations and guidelines before the deadlines
  • Brand recognition in the industry for good ratings achieved
  • Products can be marketed as eco-friendly, thus appeal to consumers who are into water conservation in daily lives

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