Microcontamination Diagnostic

Assessing the integrity of your manufacturing processes

Assessing the integrity of your manufacturing processes


Environmental conditions affect the life span of electronics/ microelectronics products.  Evaluating the rate of microcontamination and cleanliness on the electronic components/ product and during its manufacturing processes can play a big role in developing products that are of good quality, precise and fit for use.
We conduct wet chemical and surface analysis on electronics/microelectronics components and cleanroom accessories for microcontaminants identification and cleanliness evaluation


Surface analysis

  • Surface chemical composition analysis by XPS, AES, TOF-SIMs, XRF and XRD
  • Surface morphology by SEM-EDX, X-ray imaging, AFM, and surface roughness tests

Chemical diagnosis and verification

  • Cleanliness evaluation by IC, LPC, NVR
  • Cleanroom air contaminants monitoring
  • Molecular weight determination by GPC
  • ODS-free verification
  • Outgassing behaviour analysis
  • Trace organic analysis by FTIR, GC, GC-MS, HPLC and LC-MS


  • Protect your company from costly and image damaging scandals and recalls
  • Reduce your business risks by meeting regulatory requirements and standards
  • Increase quality and safety of your products and processes
  • Save time and costs as we provide you with a one-stop testing and certification service
  • Leverage on our global accreditations
  • Leverage on our state of the art laboratories with comprehensive testing equipment and professional expertise
  • Increase customer confidence in your product when your product goes through independent testing
  • Shorten your time-to-market and increase market access when you meet regulatory requirements and standards

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