Cleanroom Monitoring

Minimise contaminations in your cleanroom environment

Minimise contaminations in your cleanroom environment


Cleanrooms are specially constructed, environmentally controlled enclosed spaces where the contaminants, temperature, humidity and pressure are kept within strict limits to facilitate manufacture or research processes. It is most commonly used in industries such as biotechnology, aerospace, microelectronics, pharmaceuticals, medical devices, food, and healthcare.

As contaminants can be generated by people, processes, raw materials, facilities and equipment, it is important to continually review the level of contamination and prevent contaminants from entering the cleanroom environment. 

Cleanroom testing and certification are usually based on factors such as the design, operational status, and the required level of certification.

TÜV SÜD services

The cleanroom testing services include:

  • Airborne Particle Count Test
  • Airflow Parallelism Test
  • Airflow Velocity, Volume and Uniformity Tests
  • HEPA/ULPA Filter Installation Leak Tests
  • Lighting Level Test
  • Room Pressurization Test
  • Sound Pressure (Noise) Level Test
  • Temperature and Relative Humidity Tests

The choice of test methods will depend on the specific operational status of the cleanroom as defined below:

As – Built

Condition where the installation is complete with all services functioning but without equipment, materials or staff presence.

At – Rest

Condition where the equipment installation is complete and operating in a manner as agreed upon by the customer and supplier, but with no staff presence.


Condition where the installation is functioning in a specific way with designated number of staff, who are working in an agreed upon manner.


  • Enhance reliability through the engagement of third party testing laboratory
  • Identify and analyze problems to help increase workflow efficiency
  • Improve safety and product quality by testing to internationally recognised standards
  • Reduce time to market for product launches  

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