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Certification mark for duvets

Adding value with our service portfolio

Adding value with our service portfolio

Certification mark for duvets


The certification mark applies to duvets and quilts filled with feathers or down.

Basis of certification:

The certification mark is awarded within the framework of voluntary testing and certification, The test procedure developed by TÜV SÜD is based on various standards including EN 12130 (Feather and down - Test methods - Determination of the filling power (bulk density) and EN 1167 (Feather and down - Method of test for measuring the sizes of quilts filled with feather and/or down).

Key words of the certification mark:

  • Type tested
    The voluntary certification mark with the statement “Type tested” is issued for products and components, indicating that the product was tested and certified by the independent third-party organisation of TÜV SÜD Product Service for conformity with the essential technical safety requirements. The certification criteria vary depending on the products in question.
  • Production monitored
    Periodic surveillance of the manufacture of a product constitutes the basic premise for certification which includes the award of a certification mark. Certification always requires product testing and regular factory inspections.

    As a third-party expert organisation, TÜV SÜD verifies that the manufacturer is able to maintain consistent quality in line with the requirements throughout high-volume production and has established the necessary quality system, including incoming goods inspections, lists of materials and final product check.

    In addition, calibration of the necessary measuring and monitoring equipment must be ensured. Surveillance and/or monitoring covers the testing of safety-critical components and other materials used. If unauthorised changes are made to the product, the certificate will be withdrawn and the TÜV SÜD certification mark may no longer be used.
  • Product Quality “GOOD”
    The quality of the tested duvet was assessed as “Good”. This covers all grades in the range between 1.6 and 2.4.
  • Mech. durability

    Within the scope of the assessment of mechanical durability, TÜV SÜD Product Service tested the following criteria:

    1. Dimensions according to EN 1167: Testing is based on the EN 1167 standard (see Basis of certification). The duvet is measured and assessed in new condition as delivered.

    2. Washing: The duvet is washed and dried six times according to the instructions on the care label. Following inspection for damage, the duvet is measured to see whether its dimensions have changed following washing. Depending on the extent of changes in the duvet's length, width and height, it is rated from 1 (unsuitable) to 5 (optimal).

    Changes in length or width (%)               Points

                1                                                5
                2                                                4
                3                                                3
                4                                                2
                5                                                1


    Changes in height (%)                              Points

                1                                                5
                2                                                4
                3                                                3
                4                                                2
                5                                                1


    3. Testing for feathers and fibres leaking out of the duvet: The numbers of feathers and fibres leaking out of the duvet are recorded and assessed on a new duvet (after purchase) and a used duvet (after ten washes). Depending on the number of feathers leaking out of the duvet, the product is rated from 1 (unsuitable) to 5 (optimum).

    Leakage of feathers or fibres                     Points

               No leakage                                  5
               Very little leakage                        4
               Slight leakage                              3
               Significant leakage                       2
               Extreme leakage                          1

    4. Homogeneity of filling material after washing: The homogeneity of the filling material is determined with the help of thermography. Any differences between the duvet in new and washed conditions are registered and documented.
  • Body comfort

    Within the scope of the assessment of body comfort, TÜV SÜD Product Service tested the following criteria:

    1. Body moulding: To determine how well a duvet moulds around the body, its capacity to form a large or small space between the mattress and the duvet is simulated by technical means. For this purpose, the experts measure the free space between a test dummy, the duvet and a support surface. The smaller the free space, the better the duvet's capacity to mould around the body and the higher the number of points.

    Size of the simulated space (%)               Points
               ≤ 200                                             5
               201-300                                         4
               301-400                                         3
               401-500                                         2
               > 500                                             1

    2. Bulkiness test according to EN 12130 Testing is based on the EN 12130 standard (see Basis of certification). The filling is compressed over a certain period. Subsequently, the expansion of the filling is measured in millimetres.

    Percentage deformation of total height        Points
    by defined compression (%)
                ≤ 80                                               5
                79-60                                             4
                59-40                                             3
                39-20                                             2
                <20                                                1

  • Hazardous substances
    Every year, manufacturers of certified duvets must submit certificates for all materials used according to the OEKO-TEX® Standard 100. The OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 is a third-party testing and certification system for textile raw, intermediate and finished textile products throughout all levels of processing.

    The defined tests for hazardous materials cover chemicals banned by law, substances restricted by law, chemicals which are known to raise possible health concerns (but not yet regulated by law) and health-care parameters. Overall, the requirements clearly exceed the existing national laws.

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