Comprehensive In-service Inspection Services

Comprehensive In-service Inspection Services

Optimise your plant’s operational efficiency and upkeep safety

Optimise your plant’s operational efficiency and upkeep safety

WHAT IS in-service inspection services?

As an operator and a plant owner, a well-designed maintenance program to ensure that complex assets consistently deliver the desired output with zero downtime is extremely critical. While doing so, a safe and hazard free workplace, complying to local and international regulatory environment is also of prime importance. As ‘duty of care’ requirements are to be met by owners and operators, a trusted agency to support in-service inspections on a periodic basis and to ensure quality of operational equipment and safety is highly essential. 

WHY IS in-services inspection services IMPORTANT?

It is crucial that operators of critical and capital-intensive industry ensure assets are monitored and maintained periodically to achieve planned efficiencies and productivity. An approach of preventive and predictive maintenance services through in-service inspection delivered by a trusted third party service provider will not only help in early detection but also timely action, mitigating the risk of unplanned downtime and costs associated with it. While doing the above, as an operator you are assured about adhering to international, national and safety regulations ensuing smooth operations and clarity on social accountability.

TÜV SÜD HELPS TO Optimise your plant’s operational efficiency and upkeep safety

As a one-stop solution provider, we provide a comprehensive service portfolio delivered by our qualified in-service inspectors to meet your specific requirements. Our services address the needs of preventive and predictive maintenance, condition monitoring, performance verification, process management, risk and safety management, operational management and render insights and knowledge on best practices to assist you to continuously improve your systems and processes to stay relevant and ahead of changing market, technology and regulatory environment. 


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