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Climate protection in the building sector



Decarbonising the buildings and construction sector is critical to achieving both the Paris Agreement commitment and meeting the EU’s Green Deal goal of climate neutrality by 2050. If Europe is to become the first climate-neutral continent, the building sector must seek pragmatic solutions to reduce greenhouse gas emissions as quickly as possible. However, there are significant challenges for both existing building stock and new buildings.

In this white paper TÜV SÜD discusses how the gap could be bridged between the current regulatory landscape and real-world performance levels, providing an action list for target achievement across the construction sector.

Why download the whitepaper? Learn more about

  • Regulatory requirements and the gap between building sector and these requirements
  • Actions and considerations for new buildings to achieve climate neutrality and decarbonisation targets
  • Actions and methods for existing building to achieve climate neutrality and decarbonisation targets


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