Insights on BIM, Data Environment and ISO 19650 Webinar

ISO 19650 Insights on Information Management with BIM and Common Data Environment (CDE)



Discover how you can implement and be certified to ISO 19650 through best practices sharing and project showcases 

Key takeaways:

  • Learn about the requirements & benefits of ISO 19650 Organisation and digitisation of information about buildings and civil engineering works, including Building Information Modelling (BIM)
  • Understand how your organisation can implement ISO 19650 in your projects
  • Get a ‘reality check’ if you have implemented BIM and Common Data Environment (CDE) & intend to be attested, verified and compliance-checked towards ISO 19650 to showcase your BIM achievements
  • Draw insights from project showcases on implementation of BIM and ISO 19650

Combining Building Information Modeling (BIM) with Building Information Management through a Common Data Environment (CDE), ISO 19650 has become the most important international standard for BIM where:

  • Building owners across the globe are implementing ISO 19650 as a mandatory project quality and data management item.
  • Governments and authorities are establishing digital methods such as Integrated Design Delivery (IDD), Design for Manufacturing and Assembly (DfMA) as well as Design for Maintainability (DfM) or Smart Facilities Management (FM). Embracing Information Management according to ISO 19650 for the whole lifecycle of a built asset is the key to take BIM to the next level, enabling the industry to get ‘on track’ on IDD, DfMA, DfM and Smart FM through better, faster and more affordable BIM.
  • Consultants and Contractors are implementing BIM, Common Data Environment (CDE) and digital twins to increase their internal productivity and to lower the costs of BIM and project execution.

TÜV SÜD’s free on-demand webinar will help you understand how to implement ISO 19650 and the Key Performance Indicators for BIM through best practices sharing & project showcases with our experience in implementing and compliance-checking BIM and CDE accordingly to ISO 19650. To view the webinar, fill up the form now.


  • How to implement BIM and CDE according to ISO 19650 on company and project level
  • Project insights: Showcasing projects and Key Performance Indicators that are using ISO 19650 based BIM and CDE 
  • Commercial review: 
    • How much does ISO 19650 implementation cost?
    • What is the Return on Investment (ROI) on ISO 19650?
    • Where can building owners and project stakeholders save money or increase their productivity and efficiency?
  • Q & A Session

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