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Innovation in Facade Access

Innovation in Facade Access

Building owners and tenants have high performance expectations from ‘modern’ and iconic building envelopes but they must be kept clean and well maintained. Maintainability will be ongoing over the life of the building and one of the key aspects when detailing the façade and determines the budget attributed to the façade package.

What is façade access STRATEGY design?

Modern façade material requiring regular cleaning and maintenance to warrant performance entails working at height. Where the building surfaces and services are beyond the nominal reach; roof or ground based façade access strategy and / or techniques will be required to achieve safe and efficient cleaning.

Façade access is not limited to tall structures constructed of specific material for example glass, it is applicable to all kinds of building and structure. Cleaning and maintenance strategies determines the frequency at which access must be provided for periodic cleaning and long-term maintenance and the capacity of the access equipment resulting in determining permanently installed or temporary access equipment.

What façade access services does tÜv sÜd offer?

Pre Tender: Design Services

• Concept Design
• Schematic Design (Planning)
• Detailed Design
• Tender Documentation
• Bidding & Negotiations (Tender Analysis)

Post Tender: Construction

• Administration & Supervision Services
• Factory Inspections
• Installation Supervision
• Material Submittals Review
• O&M Manual Review
• Shop Drawings review
• Testing & Commissioning Review
• Defects liability Period Inspections

Why choose TÜV SÜD for façade access CONSULTANCY?

From the inception phase to practical completion, our Façade Access team combines technical expertise with a real practical understanding of the built environment which means our advice is always focused on delivering your project objectives. Our specialist consulting team can ensure that the form (design) complements the desired function (operations). Our unbiased and transparent approach ensures effective collaboration with the client and project team during the design phases ensuring an efficient engineered solution. TÜV SÜD offers building owners advise on best practice and reduces early stage design risks.


Your benefits at a glance

• TÜV SÜD provides façade access design and consultancy services across a wide variety of sectors, including Retail, Commercial, Leisure, Healthcare, Education, Industrial and Residential. We have a wealth of experience working on an enviable portfolio of projects from small scale to major iconic developments.

• Façade access consultancy can be delivered as standalone service or as part of a TÜV SÜD integrated project scope. We also work closely with several independent and multidisciplinary façade and MEP consultants.

• Early involvement during conceptual stage enables us to enhance the functionality of the space. Using extensive in-house tools, knowledge and understanding of our niche industry, our design integrates the latest technologies resulting in practical, cost effective and holistic strategy whilst satisfying the architects and the client aspirations.


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