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Your regular update for technical and industry information

USA: The mandatory safety standard for sling carrier updated


The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) has recently issued a direct final rule1 updating the mandatory safety standard for sling carriers.

Effective 6 July 2020, ASTM F2907-192 will replace ASTM F2907-15 and become mandatory standard for sling carriers. The reference of standard is adopted with an additional modification for label attachment. In case receives a significant adverse comment before 20 May 2020, the Commission would withdraw this direct final rule.

The current mandatory standard for sling carrier is ASTM F2907-15 which only includes requirements and test methods for sling carriers designed to carry one occupant. Considering there are sling carriers designed for two occupants or marketed to carry more than the existing test weight of 35 pounds, ASTM Committee decided to modify the scope, testing, labelling, and instructional literature requirements to cover these sling carriers.

The updated standard ASTM F2907-19 requires that the sling carriers for two occupants shall perform the same testing as single occupant sling, with the added conditions associated with two occupants.

Sling carriers are children’s products, samples of these products must be tested by a third-party conformity assessment body whose accreditation has been accepted by the Commission.

[1] 16 CFR Part 1228

[2] ASTM F2907-19

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