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Support in sourcing and utilising energy smarter

Support in sourcing and utilising energy smarter

The construction and operation of a building contributes up to 40% of the world’s energy consumption, which is a significant figure in the face of increasing energy costs and scarcity for fossil fuels. International laws and directives for energy use are becoming increasingly stringent and building owners as well as operators need to evaluate the benefits of transforming their assets into energy-efficient buildings against potential utility savings.

The key to introducing energy-efficient buildings into your real estate is to conduct a holistic analysis of the building design, materials used, technical building services, equipment and components selected and the production operations throughout the entire building lifecycle.

TÜV SÜD provides holistic expert intelligence and onsite energy efficiency advice for commercial, industrial and residential real estate on both existing building structures and systems as well those as in the pre-construction phaseStart saving money by improving the cost-effectiveness of your building and its systems. Our experts pinpoint potential areas for energy savings and make recommendations to maximise the efficiency of your assets, from design to construction phase.

Learn about standards and certifications that include building life cycle assessment, energy simulation, BIM, analysis, advisory.
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Sustainability rating systems
A sustainability system can contribute towards healthier environments and ecosystems for living and working.
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energy audits
Our TÜV SÜD experts can perform an energy audit of your building’s energy use and identify opportunities for power conservation.
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Green Building Training and Facilitation
Customised training and facilitation programmes to align energy goals and green practices.
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Optimising building design with Building information Modeling Management (BIM)
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Optimise energy efficiency through ISO50001 certification



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Global and tailored industry expertise

Our global network of experts bring interdisciplinary experience from various industries and specific projects. We understand the challenges of energy-intensive industries and the regional challenges of meeting specific regulations. We work in your region and our testing labs provide relevant insights for major industries.

Compliance and trust in energy efficient technologies

TÜV SÜD provides safe and quality frameworks through certification, testing, and audit services for energy efficient technologies and innovations. Our experts are well-versed with international and local energy standards and can support you in achieving regulatory compliance.

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